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Funding Procedure

Funding Procedure

1. Student Group Leaders must complete a Request for Funding Form at the beginning of the semester, which should include invoices for anticipated purchases.

2. Student Group Leaders must go through the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) to make purchases if they are buying or selling items on behalf of the group. Credit card payments will not be processed until a student accounting form is completed and submitted to OSA.

3. Student Group Leaders should complete a Student Organization Accounting Form to cover unforeseen out of pocket expenses (up to the group's balance amount). No payments above the group's balance amount will be reimbursed.

4. Student Group Leaders shall detail their activities for the entire year. A strict accounting of any expenses and deposits are required. Student groups may not open their own bank accounts under any circumstances.

5. Student Group Leaders are encouraged to fundraise for additional funding to avoid out-of-pocket expenses by group members.

6. You must obtain approval to apply for funding from grants or contracted funds.

7. Student Group funds generally may not be used as donations to other organizations or individuals.
a. Funds raised by a group may be donated to an outside organization only with the approval of the Office of Student Affairs and/or Office of Medical Education Deans prior to the collection of the funds.

8. Student Group funds (non-fundraised) may not be used for recreational or dangerous activities (skiing, hiking, rock climbing, surfing, etc.). Using funds for transportation to and from recreational or dangerous activities is not allowed.

9. Student Group funds (non-fundraised) may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages. The funding is intended to cover general expense for the group with the exception of dangerous activities and alcoholic beverage. If the group has fundraised for an activity, they can use those funds to go towards the purchase or alcoholic beverages and tips. [Alcohol Permit SOM]

10. If Class Council funds are not used by the end of their graduation year, the funds will return to the general student council account.

11. Defunct Student Group funds will automatically be returned to the general student council account.

12. Student Group funds (non-fundraised) may not be used for tips. If a group has fundraised for an activity, they can use those funds to pay for tips provided it is no more than 20% of the total cost.

13. To get reimbursement for tips, student would need to provide the original receipt showing the total cost and the amount that was provided as a tip.


1. The Office of Student Affairs has the ability create a fundraising website for student group fundraisers.

2. Office of Student Affairs must approve all logos.

3. When the Student Group is ready to start fundraising, it is the group’s responsibility to contact a vendor for a price quote.

4. When the student group is ready to create a fundraising website, the group must send an image of the item, price, sizing and any other relevant information to OSA.

5. The Office of Student Affairs will provide transaction reports, but it is up to the Student Group to ensure that all the orders and credit card transactions are correct before placing the order with the vendor.

6. The Office of Student Affairs does not take responsibility for order errors.


1. Students of the University of Maryland School of Medicine are not authorized to sign contracts or enter into any legally binding agreement on behalf of the University or the School.

2. If a student signs any legal agreement or contract, the student does so as an individual student or a representative of a student organization, and at the student’s own risk. The University is not a party to, nor legally responsible for, any such contract.

3. A representative of a student club or organization may not act as an agent of the University or School when the student signs a contract and must not represent themselves as such an agent.

4. The University and School will not be responsible for any contract signed or for any debt incurred by any individual student or student organization.

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