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Student Government

The student government at UMSOM consists of a Student Council as well as representation for each class through the student government system.

The Student Council serves for one academic year and the positions are held by students in the second-year class who are selected through an election process. The Student Council has limited oversight of student groups (along with the Office of Student Affairs) and plans social events intended for the entire student body.

The Student Government consists of elective leaders from each class making up the Class Government. Each Class Government includes five primary roles: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Historian. In addition to these five positions, each class should have two Curriculum Committee members, two University Student Government Association representatives, two Wellness Committee members, two Medical Education Continuous Quality Improvement members, and two Judicial Board members. The Student Government represents each class to the school and the administration. Depending on the role, responsibilities may include organizing class fundraisers, planning events, attending student leadership meetings, and holding seats on various medical school committees.