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Year 3 & 4 Scheduling

Our student scheduling page will give you all the details you will need to build your third and fourth-year schedule.

Off-Campus Rotations

If you are interested in taking an off-campus rotation, you will need to have the approval to obtain credit for the course. For instructions on how to obtain credit, please refer to our student scheduling page. For evaluations, our school will send a link through our evaluation provider to complete. If the school uses the evaluation, it will be placed on the student's MSPE and transcript. The evaluation is placed on your MSPE with the name of the location next to the elective name. The transcript will show that it is an off-campus grade. 


Timing of applications

VSLO allows our medical students to apply in February of each year. We permit our students to engage in fourth-year rotations beginning in April.

Resources for program information

Our medical students use VSLO

Opportunities for visiting students underrepresented in medicine (URiM) can be found on the VSLO page of the AAMC’s student and resident hub.

Once a student(s) applies to VSLO they must follow the instructions, uploading the required documentation, i.e. photo, CV, immunizations. Depending on the institution, they may require additional supplemental documents. Once the student clicks on “apply”, OSA will review, upload a transcript, and then “verify and release”. This releases the student's application to their programs.

If at any time a student runs out of the 10 authorizations they were provided at the beginning of the application, email OSA to ask for more authorizations. Any document uploads made to a student’s application generates an email to that student.

If an institution does not participate in VSLO, the student should refer to that institution's website for visiting student information.

Materials needed

  • Many times a good standing letter is required. The student can email OSA to request the upload.
  • CV is uploaded by student
  • Photo is uploaded by student
  • Immunizations uploaded by student
  • A few students have requested a specific LOR to be uploaded into their application per the request of a program


UOMSoM prefers away schools to use our evaluation provider, E*Value. However, if they do not, OME provides them with an evaluation form. Some institutions do not use either E*Value or this form, therefore, they submit a student's evaluation via their own method. All evaluations are to be submitted to 

Occasionally, a student will contact OSA stating they have yet to receive their evaluation (usually months after the fact). OME will contact the student's evaluation writer to request it be submitted.

Student Health Instructions

Immunization Forms for Away Rotations
It is best to update immunization records as soon as possible if you are considering an away rotation. Students should make sure they have the paperwork for every school that they want to apply to in order to avoid having to return multiple times for multiple blood draws.

  1. Check to see the requirements of the away rotation(s) you are applying to. All needed immunization information can be found on VSLO or on the school’s website.
    • Schools have different requirements, and many require proof of Immunization with antibody titers. This is a blood draw that has to be done at the lab.
    • We do not require titers for admittance at the University of Maryland - only proof of immunization by dates from your health record. So, you may not have had titers in the past.
    • If you are unsure and want to get the titers done just in case, we are happy to order them for you. Understand that based on your insurance there may be a charge from the lab (not from Student Health).
    • If you are filling out the standard AAMC form, it does have space to put both immunization dates and/or titers depending on what is required by the schools you are applying to.
  2. Process at Student Health
    • To drop off your forms, please come to Student Health and go upstairs to the front desk. There you will drop off your forms with the front desk staff. These forms will be filled out and ready for pickup in 10 days as long as we have all the information needed.
    • If you know you need titers after you drop your paperwork you may check in to be given a lab order for the titers you need.
      • You will then take the lab slip around the corner to the lab at 419 W. Redwood Building in suite 200 to have your blood drawn.
      • Most lab titer results take 2-4 days to be available.
      • You can see your own results if you sign up for MyPortfolio. Instructions for sign-up are given when you receive your lab slips.

We are here to help, if you have questions contact OSA or come by the office to speak directly with our administrative staff.

Additional Information

Our students may utilize the below link to view all VSLO schools application requirements: