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Residency Application Timeline

Main Residency Match* Process Timeline – Amended 2021

May 2020

Your CV must be on file with OSA. Your Noteworthy characteristics bio bullet points must be submitted through MedScope.

MSPE meetings begin

Begin meeting with departmental faculty and working on your CV and personal statement as well as collecting letters of recommendation (LORs)

June 8, 2020

ERAS 2021 season begins

*Applicants can register in MyERAS and begin working on applications.

September 1, 2020 Applicants may begin submitting applications to residency programs
September 15, 2020

NRMP Registration Opens

*Note: this is NOT the same as ERAS

Late Sept. / Early Oct. 2020 One time review MSPE for errors
October 21, 2020

Residency programs may begin reviewing applications

*Everything should be uploaded into ERAS by this date (except perhaps your last LORs); note that while you should NOT wait until the last day to upload, there is no benefit to a student who completes the application at times points before this date as programs will see applications all at once

MSPEs are released to residency programs

*Any USMLE scores received after this date must be released manually through ERAS

November 1, 2020 Ensure last LORs are submitted by this date
November to January Interview Season (virtual interviews)
February 1, 2021 Applicants (and programs) can begin to enter Rank Order Lists (ROLS)
March 3, 2021

ROL Certification Deadline

*Applicants (and programs) must finalize and certify ROL; do NOT wait until the last day to finalize your list.

March 15-19, 2021


March 19, 2021 MATCH DAY!!!

*Information for the Main Residency Match Timeline including potential updates can be found on the ERAS and NRMP sites.

*For programs outside of the Main Match (e.g. Military or SF Match for Ophtho/Plastics) please refer to specialty specific timelines.