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Residency Application Timeline

MS3 Fall

  1. Begin drafting your Curriculum Vitae (CV) – Start to document the following:
  2. All awards as well as extracurricular, volunteer and research activities
  3. USMLE 1 Scores are available
  4. Start to contemplate if you want any of your third year attending physicians to write letters of recommendation(LoRs) for you. You might start asking letter writers to create LOR’s depending on your specialty and early rotations, but remind them that they will not be able to upload letters until you create your ERAS application in July.

MS3 Winter

  1. Identify which Office of Student Affairs (OSA) Dean you would like to write your MSPE and advise you. For a listing of our OSA Deans, please visit the OSA Faculty and Staff page. No matter who drafts your MSPE, Dr. Parker reads and signs off on all of them.
  2. Attend the fourth year scheduling meeting.
  3. Begin to request LoRs.
  4. If you are matching with the military or in urology or ophthalmology, check their specific Match websites to review their timelines as they are early matches. If you are matching with the military or in urology or ophthalmology, check their specific Match websites to review their timelines as they are early matches.
  5. Plan your fourth-year schedule.
  6. Create your personal statement.
  7. Research programs of interest and find out their requirements and deadlines.

MS3 Spring

  1. Have your photo taken by Photo and Graphics Group.
  2. Go into MedScope and create your Noteworthy Characteristics bio-bullets. This is located in MyMedScope under the career tab. For a Noteworthy Characteristics bio bullets example, click here.
  3. Send your completed CV to OSA. (Meet with OSA if you need help) A sample CV can be viewed here
  4. Fill out your Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) application and load your profile. For questions about VSAS, please contact OSA. 
  5. Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) tutorial will be given by OSA. This meeting will go over the timeline for the residency application process and the strategies and logistics of assembling your ERAS application. 
  6. Tokens (to register for MyERAS) will be emailed to you in mid-April. You will be able to begin working on your application.
  7. Authorize automatic transmission of your USMLE score.

MS4 Summer


  1. Schedule your meeting with your chosen OSA Dean through Medscope.
  2. Meet with your OSA Dean regarding your MSPE. This one-on-one meeting will take about 30-60 minutes. The OSA Dean will go over your fourth-year schedule and your specialty choice.
  3. Your CV must be on file in the Office of Student Affairs.
  4. Your Noteworthy Characteristics bio bullets must be uploaded to MedScope. 


  1. Attend OSA group meeting to go through the ERAS application, LOR upload and assignment process.


  1. After July 1st, register for one or more of the Match programs.
  2. Personal statements should be completed 
  3. Continue to request LoRs
  4. Complete selection of programs of interest
  5. Begin applying to residency programs
  6. Apply and pay for programs
  7. Assign all documents (except transcript and photo) to each individual program. (Do this as documents are available instead of waiting for everything to be in for a given program.)

MS4 Fall 


  1. Review MSPE for errors
  2. Take Step 2 CK and CS
  3. Certify and submit your MyERAS application by September 15th. Your goal should be to have everything except perhaps a few LORs uploaded into ERAS by no later than September 15th
  4. OSA will have your transcript uploaded to ERAS by September 15th.
  5. Programs will begin receiving and viewing applications on September 15th.
  6. USMLE transcripts should be released to ERAS automatically. You will need to go into ERAS and manually release any USMLE scores you receive after September 15th. 
  7. Attend the interview workshop hosted by Office of Student Affairs.

October 1 

  1. MSPE submitted to programs.
  2. All LoRs should be uploaded.

MS4 Winter


  1. Match Day! Match Day is always held on the third Friday in March.

MSIV Spring

  1. Graduation