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Student Clinician Ceremony

The Student Clinician Ceremony is held early summer, before the beginning of the third year of medical school, to help prepare students for their clinical rotations. In their rotations, students begin seeing patients alongside doctors and residents as they gain experience in primary care and medical specialties.

The Student Clinician Ceremony aims to address some of the anxiety felt by students entering this transitional period by providing insight, and discussing fears and expectations. During the Student Clinician Ceremony, students receive professionalism pins to wear on their white coats as a constant reminder of their duty to their patients and their profession and agree to follow the Student Clinician Oath.

The ceremony is preceded by a week of clinical skills workshops and small group discussions about patient safety and professionalism issues. For more information about the Student Clinician Ceremony, contact the Office of Student Affairs.

2021 Ceremony

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Student Clinician Ceremony Faculty Speakers

YearGraduation YearFaculty Speaker
2021 2023 Donique A. Cross, MD
2020 2022 H. Neal Reynolds, MD
2019 2021 Stella Hines, MD
2018 2020 Rana Malek, MD
2017 2019 David R. Gens, MD, FACS
2016 2018 Sandra M. Quezada, MD, MS
2015 2017 Kerri A. Thom, MD
2014 2016 Devang Patel, MD
2013 2015 Donna S. Hanes, MD, FACP
2012 2014 Daniel J. Salzberg, MD, FACP
2011 2013 Nevins W. Todd, MD
2010 2012 Michael S. Donnenberg, MD
2009 2011 Robert Shin, MD
2008 2010 Gary Plotnick, MD
2007 2009 Robert Shin, MD, MPH
2006 2008 n/a
2005 2007 Yvette L. Rooks, MD
2004 2006 Roberto M. Benitez, MD
2003 2005 William L. Henrich, MD