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FAQs for Researchers Return to Work

COVID19 Road to Recovery Poster

Downloadable Signs

For the most current and up to date announce and guidance from the UMB President’s Office please refer to UMB Recovery | Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): Announcements and Letters on the UMB website.

Several questions have arisen since researchers have been approved to return to campus. This web page is intended to answer as many operational questions as possible. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact Facilities and Resources. You can also submit your question on the campus website.

CDC Resources

As a general rule, the support services on campus have been following the CDC’s Guidance along with State and Local restrictions. The following resources are on the CDC website (

The buildings are different in several ways since severe research restrictions were put in place and all other university staff and students were directed to stay off-campus.

Current Phase: Phase Two

Phase 0 is a planning and preparation phase to ready your research laboratories and other spaces for restarting research.

Phase 1 pertains to preclinical laboratory-based research and includes the following strict requirements for occupancy: no more than 25 percent occupancy of laboratories and research spaces with a minimum of 200 square feet per person to maintain social distancing. Learn more

Phase 2 pertains to preclinical laboratory-based research and includes the following strict requirements for occupancy: no more than 50 percent occupancy of laboratories and research spaces with a minimum of 150 square feet per person to maintain physical distancing.  Learn more


Signage has been posted at building entrances, elevators, stairs, etc. The campus office of Communications and Public Affairs has provided an order form for those who wish to purchase signage for your specific area:

You can also print and post your own signs by visiting our Downloadable Signs page. Please remember to use “painter’s tape” when posting signs on wood and painted surfaces so as not to ruin the surfaces when the signs come down.

COVID-19 Signage

Please use the order form for the signage which has been created for UMB by Communications and Public Affairs. Departments should contact Image 360 directly to place a signage order (contact info is at the bottom of the order form).

Image 360 will provide a specific quote based on the size of your order.

Notes regarding signs and decals: Some signs are available in a number of sizes and print substrates. Decals are removable by peeling back one corner. Image 360 has used a tested floor vinyl/anti- skid laminate for years with great results, they use a semi-permanent adhesive which will remove cleanly but not come up from floor traffic. If you need a carpet vinyl, please identify that when you email your order. Walls/glass – the vendor uses a 3m removable vinyl so it should not leave a residue if removed before 1 year.

If a department wishes to print/laminate signs in-house, PDFs can be downloaded from our site.

Downloadable Signs

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Laura Kozack, Communications and Public Affairs, 410-706-8138 | 410-852-1800 cell


FM has blocked off certain sinks and stalls in toilets to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Please have people knock before entering if only one toilet and sink are available.


Most passenger elevators only permit 2 people on at a time. Please check signage before joining an elevator at capacity.


Directional signs have been posted on stairways so that traffic is one-directional. In case of emergency, you should exit the building by the nearest stair regardless of the direction posted.


Most SOM building corridors are 6 feet wide or wider. In buildings such as BRB or MSTF, which are a continuous loop, it is recommended that individuals travel in the direction of increasing room numbers but it will be up to each floor's occupant to decide how they wish to establish the direction of travel flow.


Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning have been maintained in all campus buildings at minimal levels to ensure the safety of staff maintaining the buildings and wellbeing of the structures. Currently, office building HVAC runs 9 am to 1 pm, research buildings 7 am to 7 pm with a 30% reduction after 7 pm. Please do not use chemicals or fume hoods after 7 PM or before 7 am. Special areas have HVAC at all times (BSL3 Labs, Animal Housing, Freezer / Equipment corridors). If a specific room’s temperature needs to be adjusted, please place a work order online or by calling 410-706-7570.

UMB Facilities Maintenance (O&M) has been at 40% staffing levels since March 16, 2020. O&M will be at 50% staffing on-site starting Monday, June 15th. They will continue to monitor the work orders and operational needs and will increase or decrease as necessary.  

Hand Sanitizer Stations

O&M will provide maintenance and refill hand sanitizer stations at the elevator lobby on each floor of the building’s main elevator stack. The shipment of hand sanitizers just arrived so FM staff should have them installed by June 25th.

Environmental Services

EVS has been at 30% staffing levels since March 16th. On June 8th they increased to approximately 35% to get ready for the start of research. Custodial, pest control, grounds and moving & recycling divisions will adjust staffing levels according to the degree in which areas are opened for use on campus.

EVS Custodial Services

EVS Custodial Services will be providing routine cleaning services as well as enhancements to restroom cleaning and disinfecting and a focus on high-touch point area cleaning and disinfection in common areas of buildings (entrances/exits, break rooms, stairwells, railings and ledges and lobbies). They do not have the capacity to focus on high-touch point cleaning and disinfecting of offices and occupied labs. If there are any one-off needs or any special requests, please submit a work order. Please place trash cans in the main corridor of your floor at the end of each day.

EVS Pest Control

EVS Pest Control has returned to campus to work on both interior and exterior efforts and initiatives. During this time of year Pest Control focus on placing and baiting traps outside and controlling the typical interior pest issues.

There have been reports of pest in a few restrooms and break rooms across campus, this is likely due to the low occupancy in our facilities. Members of EVS and FM have been walking the campus to look for these pests and to keep water moving in our pipes. If there are urgent issues please email and Please route non-urgent requests via work order.

EVS Grounds

Crews are resuming services M-F on campus. If there are any special requests, please submit a work order.

EVS Moving & Recycling

The crew will resume a M/W/F schedule. They will monitor the loading docks and flow of recycling and adjust staffing as needed.  As a reminder, the recycling program is currently going through a transition as we begin to vacate the Recycling Building.  The vast amount of our operations has been semi-permanently relocated to the rear of HSHSL/SON/Campus Center.  A dedicated cardboard compactor arrived this week, which will require cardboard to be broken down completely. Please break down cardboard boxes and, if possible, please stack neatly near the service elevators. Capacity to handle move requests is limited and requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  Event set-ups and requests are not being handled at this time.

Package Deliveries

Deliveries from UPS and FedX have been a problem since the end of March.

Effective immediately, all non-U.S. Postal Service package deliveries should be sent to a campus address within each specific school, department, or administrative unit. An employee must be present to receive all deliveries. Campus security officers cannot accept packages on behalf of recipients on campus. Previous instructions had directed package deliveries to Health Sciences Research Facility I, where storage capacity has been quickly exceeded. For packages in the process of being delivered, please coordinate with FedEx or UPS to confirm the date and time of delivery to ensure that someone is available for package receipt.

Packages that have already been delivered should be picked up by the end of the day on Friday, Aug. 21. Any packages remaining after this date will be returned via FedEx or UPS to the shipping vendor.


  • Essential 2,3 & 4 Employees and Visitors are not permitted on campus without pre-approval by the Dean and the President.
  • Students are not permitted on campus unless the return of their program has been approved by the Dean and President.
  • Essential 1 and individuals listed in approved PI plans, including students, have been granted access.
  • Individuals that need new access can do so by the typical process using the UMB Police On-line access request system.
  • COVID-19 Visitors Guidance


Equipment Repair

If you are expecting a repair person or a vendor that need access to the building, please email Rob Cook, Drew Moore or Gary Pivonski person’s name and mobile number, and the date and time the visitor is expected. Mr. Cook will relay the information to the police and confirm with sender that UMB Police have acknowledged the visitor can have access.

Equipment Removal

If for some legitimate reason an employee needs to remove furniture or equipment from university buildings please contact Rob Cook for an Equipment Removal Authorization form.

USPS and UMB Campus Mail

Please contact Michelle Jordan, manager of the UMB Mail, for any concerns about USPS and campus mail service to your department.

Please check Facilities & Operations for updated information.