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PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center

Guyana AttendeesIn 2009, the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine was named a Pan American Health Organization, World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) Collaborating Center on Occupational Health.

Our staff provides technical expertise and content knowledge in support of the WHO Global Plan of Action on Workers' Health-with an emphasis on the healthcare sector.

Currently, our Center is working to enhance capacity among PAHO employees who are themselves healthcare workers, regarding their own safety and health and sustaining their advances through safety and health committee functions and responsibilities.

We are also assisting in providing toxicology, infection control training in collaboration with PAHO partners and WHO Collaborating Centers in occupational health in the Caribbean and the Americas.

This activity also includes provision of technical training and assistance in occupational and environmental cancer control and prevention.

Activities to date have included:

  • Working with the Guyana Ministry of Health and members of PAHO to develop and deliver a workshop on health and safety protections within the healthcare sector in Georgetown, Guyana during the summer of 2009.

  • Working with members of PAHO and other collaborating centers to develop a comprehensive health, safety and well-being program for PAHO employees throughout the Americas.

  • Working with a WHO collaborating center in Munich to establish a protocol for environmental monitoring of the workplace for hazardous drugs.

  • Working with other collaborating centers to identify contents of emergency first aid kits for PAHO personnel deployed to Haiti.

  • Working with the ministry of Health in Trinidad and Tobago and PAHO to develop a national occupational health and safety policy for healthcare workers during the fall of 2010.