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Lactation Medicine

Images of mothers breastfeeding

Breastfeeding and Lactation Program

Program Director:  Hayley Hoffman, CNM, MSN, IBCLC

Our Breastfeeding and Lacation program was started in 2017 by our Midwife, Hayley Hoffman who recognized the need for postpartum lactation support within the community. The program serves patients and their families in Maryland and provides support through their entire lactation journey of pregnancy, birth, delivery, postpartum and care for their newborn after birth. With its goal of helping patients meet their feeding goals the program can address a variety of concerns:


  • Breastfeeding Classes
  • Help with medication management
  • Medical problems such as diabetes or high pressure
  • Expectant babies with medical needs
  • Patients expecting twins, triplets or more
  • Patients who have had breast surgeries
  • Previous problems with breastfeeding
  • Pre-conception Counseling for patients who plan to adopt, induce lactation and support for LBGTQ! Care.
  • General concerns about breastfeeding


  • Latch issues
  • Sore nipples
  • Breast infections
  • Weight gain or loss in the infant
  • Baby has concern for a tongue or lip tie
  • Low supply of milk
  • Baby with medical needs.

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