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APT Committee

Our committee takes pride in the diverse composition of its members, recognizing the significance of different perspectives and experiences in the evaluation process. By deliberately assembling a committee that reflects the varied backgrounds, expertise, and disciplines within our Department of Medicine, we ensure a comprehensive assessment of nominee qualifications. The inclusion of clinicians, educators, and scientific investigators from diverse backgrounds allows for a robust and holistic evaluation, considering a wide range of perspectives and expertise. This diversity not only enriches the evaluation process but also ensures fair and equitable assessments, promoting inclusivity and fostering a supportive environment for professional growth. It is through this commitment to diversity that we strive to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded assessment of nominee qualifications, empowering our faculty to excel in their careers.

Our Committee


Eugene D. Albrecht, PhD

Committee Members

Shifa Turan, MD

Ozhan M. Turan, MD

Peixin Yang, PhD

For questions regarding the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences APT Committee, please contact Wanda Chaney.