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The category of 'member' of the Mid-Atlantic NORC is reserved for researchers with a record of publication in peer-reviewed journals and NIH or other federal funding for obesity and/or nutrition research. Individuals who believe they fulfill this requirement should apply to the Executive Committee to become a member. Membership will entitle the individual to use Core services and to apply for P&F grants. In return, NORC members will be expected to attend NORC activities such as seminars, journal and data clubs, and symposia. In addition, they will be expected to deliver one seminar on their work every 2-3 years. Membership will be reviewed on a regular basis (approximately every 3 years), and inactive members will be asked to resign. We will encourage new investigators in different fields of biomedicine who may fruitfully apply their knowledge and technical expertise to the nutrition and obesity fields to join.

A category of 'associate member' will be reserved for:

  1. investigators who have a track-record of publications in the obesity field but currently lack NIH or federal funding for obesity and related nutrition research, or
  2. individuals that wish to initiate obesity or related obesity research under the guidance of a Center member (e.g. a new investigator or extension agent), and
  3. NIH-supported investigators conducting research that is not broadly classified as nutrition- or obesity-related but who may wish to use a Core service or to initiate a nutrition-related pilot project,
  4. junior investigators who demonstrate an interest in nutrition research but have not yet established an independent, federally funded nutrition- or obesity-related research program.

All members, associate members and users of Core services must submit a progress report once per year that includes all funding received and papers published that used the data generated by our Cores, and must cite the Core in the acknowledgement of their published papers.

For more information about becoming a member or associate member of the Mid-Atlantic NORC, please contact Simeon Taylor, Director at