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Enrichment Programs

Director: Nanette Steinle, MD, RDN

The Mid-Atlantic NORC has established the monthly Mid-Atlantic NORC Seminar Series and co-sponsors related seminars across campus.

Mid-Atlantic NORC members are participating in a medical school elective in Nutrition.

The GRECC (Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Core) and Baltimore VA have the following outreach initiatives:

MOVE! (Managing Overweight & Obesity for Veterans Everywhere)

This program developed by the VA National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (NCP) is being pilot tested at the Baltimore GRECC and at other sites. Ultimately the program will incorporate 5 treatment levels of increasing intensity of intervention: 1) self-assessment and counseling; 2) nutrition classes; 3) addition of weight control pharmacological agents; 4) admission to an inpatient or residential weight control program; and 5) bariatric surgery. Drs. Blumenthal and Goldberg are spearheading this effort.


GRECC translational research project exporting successful GRECC exercise and weight loss clinical demonstration projects to a high risk west Baltimore African American church congregation with funding support from the Maryland Tobacco settlement. This collaboration with the church leadership is examining the feasibility of church based lifestyle interventions to decrease obesity, increase physical activity and improve cardiac risk factors. This program is directed by Dr. Marianne Shaughnessy, the Education Core Director of the GRECC. The first cohort of 34 patients is enrolled in this pilot program. The prevalence of obesity and other manifestations of the metabolic syndrome is very high in this minority population. Attendance and compliance to the intervention has been excellent. The patients are currently in the intervention phase.


There are a growing number of HIV-infected older veterans. Medical comorbidities are frequent in older adults with HIV infection, further contributing to the complexity and cost of their medical care. With new advances in antiretroviral therapy, and the graying of the population, the number of older veterans with HIV will increase even further, clearly defining a need for age-related interventions. This demonstration project examines the effect of an aerobic exercise-training program on physical functioning in older (>55 years) HIV-infected veterans. The first cohort into the exercise intervention is currently being enrolled.

The Stroke - Lipid Clinic

This is a joint VA GRECC and Pharmacy intervention using computerized surveillance and “stroke event” triggered direct referral for expedited screening and care of dyslipidemia in high risk Veterans with cerebrovascular disease. It employs computerized lipid screening algorithms and evidence-based treatments to treat dyslipidemia in veterans with stroke and cardiovascular disease. Although less than 25% of 600 referrals get optimal screening and treatment with conventional care, 75% are brought to national target lipid goals in our dedicated clinic.

The Baltimore Community Outreach Project

This project offers interactive workshops on a number of health-related topics.


The Children's Sentinel Nutrition Assessment Program (a three-year, multi-site study primarily funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation under the direction of Maureen Black, Ph.D. is dedicated to measuring the possible impacts of changes to cash and food assistance on hunger and malnutrition provides direct interventions for children at risk for growth and nutrition problems.