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October 2022


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10/31 CVD's Dr. Kirsten Lyke discusses research about monoclonal antibodies to provide protection from malaria.  Science Magazine
10/28 UMSOM's Dr. Jason Custer comments on the tripledemic of RSV, Covid and the flu causing a shortage of beds in children's hospitals. Fox 45 WBFF logo
10/21 CVD's Dr. Kathy Neuzil discusses mild side effects from the new bivalent covid boosters and what people should expect with future shots. Atlantic

CVD's Dr. Jim Campbell clears up misconceptions concerning CDC's consideration of adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the childhood immunization schedule.

Washington Post

CVD's Dr. Andrea berry discusses bivalent COVID-19 boosters for children.


Dr. Jean Jeudy discusses a story showing an increased risk of myocarditis in boys who received COVID boosters.

Fox 45 WBFF logo

September 2022

September 2022


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UMSOM's Dr. Greg Schrank explains the new reality of the COVID pandemic and the continuing importance of boosters. 

Baltimore Sun

UMSOM's Dr. Greg Schrank discusses whether COVID pandemic is really over and importance of fall boosters.


UMSOM's Dr. Niharika Khanna discusses the importance of the new COVID boosters to protect against Omicron.

Fox 45 WBFF logo

UMSOM's Dr. Dan Morgan is quoted on his editorial discussing study showing that attending scientific meeting in person with KN95 mask poses no additional COVID risk than attending meeting virtually.


UMSOM's Dr. Jean Jeudy sets the record straight on his study of myocarditis in athletes who were infected with COVID-19, that the heart issue was not caused by vaccines.


UMSOM's Dr. Matt Frieman discusses his new research on new ways COVID-19 virus is mutating and what this means for pandemic.

 Daily Beast

UMSOM'S Dr. Niharika Khanna explains that community work funded by the federal government has resulted in progress in convincing new mothers that COVID-19 vaccines are safe for their babies. 

Associated Press


August 2022

August 2022


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UMSOM's Dr. Matthew Frieman says that SARS-CoV-2 is starting to mutate in the proteins other than the spike protein, which may mean longer infections.

Daily Beast logo

CVD's Dr. Meagan Deming says that whether to get a COVID-19 booster now or to wait for the expected Omicron-specific boosters this fall depends on eligibility, your risk factors, and COVID-19 levels in your community.


CVD's Dr. Meagan Fitzpatrick explains that schools should be ready to pivot to increased COVID-19 mitigation strategies, as circumstances may change over the academic year. 

Baltimore Sun

IHV's Dr. Nadia Sam-Agudu discusses how pregnant women with COVID are more likely to end up in the ICU or die

Africa Defense Forum logo

UMSOM's Dr. Teodor Postolache comments on a new study suggesting brain fog remains for up to two years following COVID.


IHV's Dr. Nadia Sam-Agudu says not enough children in African countries are vaccinated against COVID even though they are at an increased risk


UMSOM's Dr. Niharika Khanna speaks on new CDC guidance that drops social distancing recommendations.

Fox 45 WBFF logo 

CVD's Dr. Matthew Laurens discusses the types of COVID-19 antibody tests available to check for past infection or immune response to vaccination.

MSN Color

UMSOM's Dr. Marianne Cloeren talks about the university's decision to drop the COVID-19 vaccination requirement for faculty, staff, and contractors. 


IHV's Dr. Robert Gallo discusses what questions were addressed in the first conference on long COVID held a couple weeks ago at UMB.


July 2022

July 2022


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UMSOM's Dr. Andrea Levine and Dr. David Marcozzi discuss COVID symptoms and long COVID with latest B5 variant.

Baltimore Sun

CVD's Dr. Meagan Fitzpatrick discusses the importance of surveillance testing and masking in schools to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

Washington Post

IHV's Dr. Robert Gallo explains his experience with COVID at the first international conference on Long COVID


UMSOM's Dr. Greg Schrank comments on President Biden's COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment for those at higher risk.

Fox 45 WBFF logo

CVD's Dr. Meagan Deming explains why booster COVID-19 vaccines are essential.


CVD's Dr. Matthew Laurens discusses the spread of the BA.5 subvariant of COVID-19.


CVD's Dr. Karen Kotloff says that the Novavax vaccine may help fulfill global needs for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Baltimore Sun

CVD's Dr. Karen Kotloff explains the difference between the protein-based Novavax COVID-19 vaccine, which just received FDA Emergency Use Authorization, and the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.

NBC4 Washington DC

CVD's Dr. Karen Kotloff describes a new protein-based vaccine made by Novavax that received FDA Emergency Use Authorization this week.


Pharmacy Times
7/14 CVD's Dr. Karen Kotloff comments on what the emergency authorization of a vaccine made by Maryland-based Novavax means for COVID-19 vaccine options. Staten Island Advance
7/13 CVD's Karen Kotloff discusses FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine. Pharmacy Practice News
7/13 CVD's Dr. Wilbur Chen comments on influenza and COVID-19 patterns in the U.S. and Australia, where the respiratory viruses are currently colliding.  MedScape 
7/13 UMSOM's Dr. Greg Schrank comments on the latest omicron variant and plans to include in booster shots. Baltimore Banner
7/13 CVD's Dr. Karen Kotloff explains the role that the Novavax vaccine, which just received emergency authorization from the FDA, could play among other COVID-19 vaccine options. HCPLive
7/11 CVD Director Dr. Kathleen Neuzil discusses BA.5, a very transmissible COVID-19 subvariant that is now the dominant strain in the U.S. and Maryland. Baltimore Sun

June 2022

June 2022

DateStory Topic
7/13 UMSOM's Dr. Greg Schrank comments on the latest omicron variant and plans to include in booster shots. Baltimore Banner
6/29 UMSOM's Dr. Sharon Hoover discusses what's next for mental health services in schools with crisis following COVID pandemic. Christian Science Monitor
6/27 UMSOM's Dr. Geoffrey Rosenthal, Dr. Jean Jeudy, and Dr. Yvette Rooks discuss COVID Heart Registry in Big 10 athletes and recent research findings. Baltimore Sun
6/17 CVD's Dr. James Campbell explains why COVID-19 vaccines for children under age 5 are important at this phase of the pandemic.  Fox 5
6/20 UMSOM's Dr. Matt Frieman discusses new vaccine recommendatons for kids under age 5. Baltimore Sun
6/13 UMSOM's Dr. Matt Frieman Novavax comments on Novavax vaccine and FDA review. Healthline
6/10 UMSOM's Dr. Matt Frieman comments on the science of the Novavax vaccine and how it differs from the other vaccines that are already approved. AARP
6/5 CVD's Dr. Kathleen Neuzil discusses the Novavax vaccine's path toward its application for FDA Emergency Use Authorization. Washington Post
6/5 CVD's Dr. Kathleen Neuzil and Dr. Wilbur Chen explain how "challenge studies" work for research into influenza, Shigella, and more.  Washington Post
6/5 CVD's Dr. Kathleen Neuzil and Dr. Wilbur Chen discuss the contributions paid study volunteers make to medical research.

NBC Washington

6/5  CVD's Dr. Kathleen Neuzil and Wilbur Chen highlight the variety of research underway at UMSOM's Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health. USNEWS

May 2022

May 2022

DateStory Topic
5/26 CVD's Dr. Kathleen Neuzil explains the role Novavax might eventually play among other COVID-19 vaccines. Baltimore Sun
5/25 CVD's Dr. James Campbell talks about the vaccines children in Maryland may have missed -- and it's more than just COVID-19 vaccines. Baltimore Sun
5/24 CVD's Dr. Kathleen Neuzil and Dr. Wilbur Chen discuss how study volunteers contribute to research at UMSOM's Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health. Baltimore Sun
5/23 CVD's Matt Laurens discusses Pfizer's announcement of vaccine efficacy data in children under 5. WJLA
5/20 CVD's Dr. Matt Laurens provides advice on COVID boosters for kids ages 5 to 11. Fox 45 WBFF logo
5/19 IHV's Dr. Robert Gallo discusses boosters and why people still need to get COVID vaccines. Baltimore Sun
5/17 UMSOM's Dr. Sharon Hoover discusses the youth mental health crisis triggered by the pandemic. Minnesotta Public Radio
5/10 CVD's Dr. Matt Laurens discusses the latest wave of COVID and precautions to take to keep from gettng infected. WJLA
5/9 IHV's Dr. Nadia Sam-Agudu says that COVID is unlikely to be the last pandemic pathogen and likely the next one is already out there. Quartz
5/6 UMSOM's Dr. Emerson Wickwire provides tips on improving sleep as pandemic continues to increase insomnia. Fox 45 WBFF logo

April 2022

April 2022

DateStory Topic
4/24 UMSOM's Dr. Jill Bohnenkamp discusses rising violence in schools post-pandemic.  Fox 45 WBFF logo
4/22 UMSOM's Dr. Scott Jerome discuss cardiac issues associated with long-haul COVID-19. Fox 45 WBFF logo
4/19 CVD's Dr. Kathy Neuzil weighs in on at-home COVID tests and rise in second wave of Omicron. Bloomberg
4/19 IHV's Nadia Sam-Agudu discusses how poorer countries are preparing for the next pandemic, since they did not have access to COVID vaccines Quartz
4/15 UMSOM's Dr. Mutiat Onigbanjo discusses new screening recommendations for anxiety in kids due to increase in mental health problems associated with pandemic. Fox 45 WBFF logo
4/8 UMSOM's Dr. Andrea Levine discusses latest findings on long haul COVID. Fox 45 WBFF logo
4/4 UMSOM's Dr. Sharon Hoover discusses efforts to train teachers to address students' mental health needs following pandemic. Associated Press
4/1 UMSOM's Dr. Greg Schrank provides advice on getting a second booster shot to protect against the latest variants. Fox 45 WBFF logo

March 2022

March 2022

DateStory Topic
3/23 CVD's Dr. James Campbell discusses Moderna's announcement about pediatric COVID-19 vaccine results. WMAR
3/22 UMSOM's Dr. David Marcozzi discusses N95s and KN95s during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Popular Science 
3/22 CVD's Dr. Meagan Fitzpatrick talks about the value of in-school COVID-19 testing in schools.  The City
3/18 IHV's Robert Gallo turns 85 and works even harder due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Deutsche Presse-Agentur
3/16 UMSOM's Dr. Scott Jerome discusses heart complications as post Covid symptoms. WYPR
3/14 CVD's Dr. Matthew Laurens discusses how people should carry on now that pandemic restrictions are easing My Montgomery County Media logo
3/13 UMSOM's Dr. Anu Kewalramani explains how to distinguish allergies from COVID-19 symptoms. Eat this, not that!
3/10 CVD's Dr. James Campbell discusses how COVID-19 vaccines for children are continuing to prevent severe illness and death.  New York Times
3/6 CVD's Dr. Meagan Fitzpatrick talks about the difficulties in assessing individual COVID-19 risk.  Baltimore Sun
3/4 UMSOM's Dr. Jason Custer is interviewed on end to mask mandates in local schools. Fox 45 WBFF logo
3/4 IHV's Dr. Nadia Sam-Agudu and colleagues author an editorial explaining how as Americans are putting the pandemic behind them, developing countries are still being ravaged by the pandemic  Atlantic
3/2 UMSOM's Dr. Sharon Hoover discusses whether Maryland schools are meeting children's mental health needs following crisis caused by pandemic. WYPR

February 2022

February 2022

DateStory Topic
2/25 UMSOM's Dr. Matthew Frieman discusses his new study looking at new drugs to treat COVID Fox 45 WBFF logo
2/23 IHV's Dr. Robert Gallo says in this editorial that identifying the origin of COVID will not help policy decisions TIME
2/23 UMSOM's Dr. Sharon Hoover provides perspective on the mental health crisis in children due to pandemic. NPR
2/18 UMSOM's Dr. Sharon Hoover discusses new report highlighting mental health programs in schools during COVID pandemic.  Fox 5
2/16 UMSOM'S Dr. Omer Awan advocates for showing unvaccinated people images of Covid infected lungs in an opinion piece. Baltimore Sun
2/14 CVD Director Dr. Kathleen Neuzil discusses COVID vaccine development two years into the pandemic.  STAT
2/14 UMSOM's Dr. Matthew Frieman talks about his study that found new antiviral medications to be effective in human lung cells and mice with COVID Baltimore Sun
2/13 UMSOM's Dr. Andrea Levine discusses caring for patients after COVID infections, including some who have suffered more than a year. Baltimore Sun 
2/12 UMSOM's Dr. James Falvey outlines difficulties seniors are having getting home health care during Covid pandemic. CNN
2/11 CVD's Dr. Meagan Fitzpatrick discusses the role of high quality masks in mitigating COVID-19 risks. Fox-45-News
2/9 UMSOM's Dr. Matthew Frieman discusses a new study that finds that an antiviral medicine combination was highly effective against COVID-19. Business Standard
2/8 IHV's Dr. Robert Gallo discusses the idea behind using the oral polio vaccine to boost immunity against COVID New Yorker logo
2/7 CVD Director Dr. Kathleen Neuzil discusses why it is important to vaccinate children under age 5 against COVID-19. FORTUNE
2/5 UMSOM's Dr. KC Coffey explains what it means when people test positive for COVID-19 on rapid tests after 10 days.  SLATE
2/4 UMSOM's Dr. Omer Awan describes differences in lung CT scans among vaccinated individuals with Covid who are immunocompromised and those who are not. Fox-45-News
2/4 IHV's Dr. Sarah Schmalzle and Eric Anderson discuss with Sheilah Kast on how the COVID pandemic has affected HIV treatment and care. WYPR

CVD's Dr. Meagan Deming discusses safety concerns for COVID-19 human challenge trials.

2/1 UMSOM's Dr. Sharon Hoover provides tips on what parents can do to help kids stressed out by Covid school quarantines. Fox-45-News
2/1 UMSOM's Dr. Greg Schrank comments on new CDC data showing COVID death rates in unvaccinated vs. vaccinated. WTOP
2/1 UMSOM's Dr. Lynda Coughlan describes how COVID-19 vaccine development may affect vaccine development for other illnesses. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States 

CVD's Dr. Kirsten Lyke discusses the mix-and-match study results recently published in NEJM.

Idaho Press

January 2022

January 2022

DateStory Topic
1/30 UMSOM's Dr. Jacqueline Bork discusses dangers of giving antibiotics too freely for viral infections like COVID. National Geographic
1/28 IHV's Dr. Mohammad Sajadi says a new study confirms his previous findings that SARS-CoV-2 infections spike during low temperature and humidity.  Washington Post

CVD's Dr. Meagan Fitzpatrick describes the impact of COVID-19 vaccines on hospitalizations.


CVD's Kirsten Lyke discusses the mix-and-match NEJM study.

News Medical Life Sciences  
1/27 CVD's Dr. Kirsten Lyke discusses a new NEJM study that finds getting a booster that is a different brand than your previous vaccine is safe and effective.  WTOP
1/27 UMSOM researchers, the NIH, and scientists at other schools looked at blood samples of people who earlier reviewed the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to assess protection against the Omicron variant over time.  CNN
1/27 CVD's Dr. Meagan Fitzpatrick discusses the impact of COVID vaccines on preventing hospitalizations and deaths.
1/26 CVD's Dr. Matthew Laurens fact checks false claims spreading online about the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. AFB Fact Check 
1/26 CVD's Dr. Kirsten Lyke and Dr. Meagan Deming helped lead a new study, published in NEJM and funded by NIH. It found that COVID boosters different than you received in your primary vaccine(s) were safe and effective.  Science Daily
1/26 UMSOM's Dr. Elizabeth Clayborne discusses the nursing shortage throughout the country. Yahoo! Finance
1/25 IHV's Dr. Shyam Kottilil says the new COVID drugs on the horizon have some hurdles that may limit their effectiveness and availability. Baltimore Sun
1/24 CVD's Dr. James Campbell discusses children's risk of severe illness and hospitalization due to COVID-19. CNN
1/22 CVD's Dr. Meagan Fitzpatrick discusses how masks worn in schools can help limit the spread of COVID-19 in those settings.  Washington Post
1/21 UMSOM's Dr.  Magali Fontaine comments on the low blood supply announced by the American Red Cross due to COVID. Baltimore Sun
1/21 UMSOM's Dr. Niharika Khanna discusses parental concerns about COVID vaccines.  Fox-45-News 
1/19 UMSOM's Dr. Amit Chandra dicusses good practices for seeking emergency medical care when you have COVID symptoms. Yahoo News
1/18 UMSOM's Dr. Gregory Shrank discusses how hospitals are responding to the omicron surge. Fox-45-News
1/12 UMSOM's Dr. Stella Hines discusses high-quality masks, such as N95s and KN95s. USA Today 
1/11 UMSOM's Dr. Stella Hines explains the differences between N95s and KN95s and how they differ from other types of masks. NBC News
1/11 CVD's Dr. Meagan Fitzpatrick says that school testing for COVID-19 absolutely does help limit the spread of the virus within those schools.  The New York Times
1/10 IHV's Shyam Kottilil said that we need more COVID treatments that can be taken by mouth in this story on a new therapy being fast-tracked to the FDA Yahoo! Finance
1/10 Researchers from UMSOM were involved in a study that found COVID-19 affects the entire body.  ABC10 San Diego News 
1/08 UMSOM's Dr. Matthew Frieman discusses expectations for the omicron COVID-19 surge in cases and hospitalizations. Baltimore Sun
1/07 UMSOM's Dr. Matt Frieman explains that it is too early to know whether prior infection with the omicron variant results in lasting immunity against other infections.  Washington Post 
1/06 CVD's Dr. Matthew Laurens discusses the possibility of getting both influenza and COVID-19 infections at the same time.  WTOP
1/06  CVD Director Dr. Kathleen Neuzil discusses timing of getting COVID-19 boosters.   USNEWS 
1/05 CVD's Dr. James Campbell talks about children returning to school during the Omicron surge.  CNN
1/04 CVD's Dr. Matthew Laurens debunks a false claim about the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. PolitiFact
1/02 UMSOM's Dr. Elizabeth Clayborne talks about Pfizer's COVID-19 pill to treat COVID-19.  CBS