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General Nephrology Fellowship Training Program

Thank you for your interest in the University of Maryland Adult Nephrology Fellowship Program. We have trained outstanding clinical and academic nephrologists for over 30 years. We provide a broad range of clinical and research experience in Nephrology and to prepare them for a successful career as a clinical practitioner or an academic nephrologist.

All fellows will be assigned a mentorship committee during their first year. The committee will provide guidance and support and assist each trainee in achieving their training goals and benchmarks. The mentorship committee will assist the fellow in identifying potential research projects and a primary mentor, and will work with the mentor to monitor their progress throughout their clinical and research training.

The training program is approved by the ACGME (Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education) for 3 first and 3 second year fellows.

Distinctions of Our Program

We provide outstanding and comprehensive training in all aspects of clinical nephrology. However, the following features particularly distinguish our program from others.


The University of Maryland School of Medicine provides an exceptional environment for research training. We offer basic research in the cellular and molecular mechanisms of tubular function, hypertension, genetic renal diseases, particularly polycystic kidney disease, and transplant immunology. There are 16 RO1 or VA Merrit Review Grants in the Division. Our faculty are heavily involved with clinical research addressing chronic kidney disease, genetic epidemiology of renal disease, hypertension, and transplantation.

Organ Transplant Program

The University of Maryland Organ Transplant Program is one of the largest programs in the U.S., performing more than 200 kidney transplants every year, along with dozens of liver, pancreas, and heart lung translplants. Along with outstanding transplant nephrology and transplant surgery faculty, the program provides an exceptional opportunity for training in transplant medicine. We offer a third year of fellowship for applicants with great interest in pursuing a career as a transplant nephrologist.

ICU Nephrology

The University of Maryland Medical Center has extensive critical care services and Nephrology fellows are routinely subjected to be involved in the management and care of the critically ill. Through our consult services, the nephrology fellows manage patients in the MICU, SICU, Cardiac Surgery ICU, Neuro Critical Care ICU, CCU and the world famous Shock Trauma Center ICU where they co-manage trauma-critical care patients along with the trauma teams. Nephrology services in these units span around extensive extracorporeal therapies which include CVVH, CVVHD, CVVHDF, and exposure to all aspects of ICU nephrology, fluid electrolyte balance and hemodialysis in the ICU patients. They are also exposed to patients on ECMO with CRRT. Our aim is to train fellows to be well rounded in the management of the critically ill upon completion of their fellowship.

General Nephrology

General Nephrology is an integral part of any fellowship program, and we do not lag behind . Consult services cover medical floors, post surgical, labour and delivery.Fellows routinely manage patients with AKI, CKD  and various kinds of Glomerulonephritidies.

Contact Information

Cintia Crumedy
Fellowship Coordinator
University of Maryland Division of Nephrology
22 South Greene Street, N3W143
Baltimore, MD 21201
Tel: (410) 328-5720
Fax: (410) 328-5685

Thomas L. Pallone, MD
Fellowship Program Director
University of Maryland Division of Nephrology
22 South Greene Street, N3W143
Baltimore, MD 21201

Program Director


Thomas L. Pallone, MD

Read a program description from Dr. Pallone.

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