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Teodora Stoica


Clinical Research Specialist


Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
University of Maryland School of Medicine
22 S. Greene Street Baltimore, MD 21201
Fax: 410-328-5937


Teodora is a Clinical Research Specialist at University of Maryland Baltimore. Teodora received her B.A. in Psychology from East Carolina University in 2007, graduating in 3 years magna cum laude. She continued her education at University of Hartford, where she earned an M.S in Neuroscience. After, she spent a year and half at Yale University School of Medicine where she studied the effects of biofeedback on obsessive compulsive disorder in the context of fMRI.

Research Interests:

Teodora’s research interests encompass the wide field of cognitive neuroscience, with primary foci in language and development, emotions and memory from a neuroimaging perspective. She plans on challenging herself further in a doctoral program, and someday owning her own clinical practice.