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MRI Equipment

Human MRI and MRS

Siemens Tim Trio 3T: Two Tim Trio machines are available. These magnets have a 600 mm bore and are capable of a gradient strength of 38 mT/m and a 170 T/m/s slew rate. One magnet is located in the Paca-Pratt Building, and the other is located at UMMC and has multi-nuclear capabilities. 

Functional MRI

Both magnets are equipped with video projection system and have available fiber-optic button boxes for functional MRI use. E-prime system with Scanner triggering is available for implementation of functional paradigms. 

Multiple Coil Arrays

A wide variety of coils are available for multiple uses. Multiple channel and transmit-receive head coils are available. Extremity, wrist, and an advanced 8-channel Knee coil allows for scanning of the knees or other extremities.  

MR Coil Building Workstation

A fully-equipped coil building workstation is available, including a network analyzer and spectrum analyzer. 

Physiological Monitoring

MRI compatible monitoring system allows for remote observation of the subject. 

Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA)

A GE DXA scanner is available in the Paca-Pratt Building to evaluate bone mineral density. 

Animal MRI and MRS 

7.0 T Bruker Biospin (BioSpec 70/30 USR) is available for animal MRI and MRS use. This magnet has a 300 mm bore and is capable of a gradient strength of 200 mT/m and a 640 T/m/s slew rate. It is capable of 4 transmit channels and 16 receive channels. This system is located in Howard Hall. 

Animal PET/CT

A small animal Siemens PET/CT is located in Howard Hall. 

Gamma Camera

A portable gamma camera is available for research use in Howard Hall.