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Virtual M&I Seminars

* Wed, 4/8 @ 4PM: Dr. Matthew Frieman (speaking from UMSOM, Baltimore, USA), on: “Therapeutic Development for Emerging Coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2

* Thu, 4/16 @ 10 AM: Dr. Andreas Bergthaler (speaking from CeMM, Vienna, Austria), on “How Viruses Teach us about Systemic Immunometabolism

* Thu, 4/23 @ 10AM: Dr. Maria Carla Saleh (speaking from INSERM, Paris, France) on “ What the Fly gave me: Lessons about insect antiviral immunity

* Wed, 4/29 @ 4PM: Dr. Marc Dionne (speaking from Imperial College, London, UK)

* Thu, 5/7 @ 10AM: Dr. Kingston Mills (speaking from Dubin, Ireland) 

* Thu, 5/14 @ 10AM: Dr. Falk Nimmerjahn (speaking from FAU, Erlangen, Germany) on Autoimmunity, Antibody mediated effector functions and mechanisms of humoral tolerance

Wed, 5/20 @ 4PM: Dr. Axel Kallies (speaking from Melbourne, Australia)