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Services Include:

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) preparedness
  • Initial assessment of current practices and their importance relative to infection control
  • Development of a customized infection control plan for each center
  • Assistance with meeting requirements for JCAHO standards and CMS mandates
  • Ongoing assistance to provide education, monitor compliance and provide feedback  
  • Customized assistance with data collection to monitor infections and other outcomes
  • On-site guidance through an outbreak
  • Confidential guidance on infection control policies at a fraction of the cost of dedicated staff

Infection prevention is increasingly a measure of the quality of a healthcare facility. Healthcare associated infections are reportable events, and outbreaks harm patients and erode public confidence. CMS reimbursement is tied to infection rates.

Expertise in infection prevention is critical for a healthcare facility. The cost of a healthcare worker who has advanced certification in infection prevention is prohibitive for most ambulatory surgical centers and long-term care facilities.

However, periodic review and training of staff with access to our experts can assure essential infection control practices are in place to prevent infections and satisfy outside reviewers. When a problem is identified, rapid response by knowledgeable experts can be the difference between a single case and a headline grabbing outbreak.

The Maryland Infection Control Group provides the expertise of physicians and nurses who are national leaders in infection prevention and help shape the infection prevention guidelines in addition to managing infection prevention efforts at major institutions. They can help your institution avoid costly outcomes.


Estimated rates for consultation are available upon request.

Rates are competitive and based upon amount of expected physician and nurse work.