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Zalak Shah

Contact Information:     

Training Program:

Graduate Program in Life Sciences–
PhD in Molecular Medicine, Genome Biology Track


Shannon Takala Harrison, PhD

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Brief Summary Research Project:

Individuals in areas with high transmission of malaria develop clinical immunity to the disease after being repeatedly infected. But mechanisms involved in the development of clinical immunity are not fully understood. My research project aims to better understand this clinical immunity by identifying the regions of the P. falciparum genome that are involved in acquisition of clinical immunity to malaria, using a whole-genome approach. This work will provide important insights towards vaccine design and development against P. falciparum.


B.S. in Bioinformatics, Virginia Commonwealth University

Achievements and Honors:

  • HHMI Summer Scholar, 2011
  • Lead Coordinator, Malaria Graduate Student Forum, UMB

About me:

Hi! I am from Richmond, VA where I majored in Bioinformatics at VCU. I am originally from India. I currently live in Pigtown along with some of the other graduate students in our lab. Some of my hobbies include watching discounted movies on Tuesday, going to large group dinners, having random dance parties, and making dinners with friends. I am also a big fan of Netflix shows when I am not busy working (or when I’m busy). If you have any questions about work or life in Baltimore, feel free to email me!