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Student Clinician Ceremony

The Student Clinician's Ceremony (SCC) provides guidance and support to medical students beginning their clinical rotations. This event, which is developed by students and faculty, aims to address some of the anxiety felt by students entering their clinical years by providing insight, discussing fears and expectations, and revisiting the oath taken during the White Coat Ceremony. The intention of the SCC is to initiate medical students into their clinical years with a support system. A keynote speech by a prominent and humanistic physician role model is followed by a reception for students, faculty, friends and family. This event is student-generated and encourages second year students to work with third year students and residents.

Many schools conclude week-long orientation sessions with the SCC. At the University of Maryland School of Medicine, the SCC takes place at the end of three days of orientation to the third year consisting of practical skills sessions, small group discussions, and panel presentations pertaining to professional and ethical issues in patient care.

The ceremony has five primary components:

  • Recitation of an oath or credo to reaffirm values of relationship-centered and compassionate care.
  • Opportunities for current second year students to work cooperatively with current third year students to generate this event.
  • Presentation of a gift to each member of the incoming third year class of a book, handbook or survival guide to encourage students as they advance into their clinical studies.
  • Selection of a keynote speaker known as an outstanding role model by current GHHS student members to give an inspiring address to the incoming third year class.
  • Luncheon to follow. A meal together with faculty can involve discussions at each table focusing on the challenges of relationship-centered care while learning to become physicians in the current health care environment.

Adapted from the Gold Foundation. Used with permission. 

Student Clinician's Ceremony Faculty Speakers

Class of 2022
H. Neal Reynolds, MD

Class of 2021
Stella Hines, MD

Class of 2020
Rana Malek, MD

Class of 2019
David R. Gens, MD

Class of 2018
Sandra Quezada, MD

Class of 2017
Devang Patel, MD

Class of 2016
Kerri Thom, MD, MS

Class of 2015
Donna Hanes, MD

Class of 2014
Daniel J. Salzberg, MD

Class of 2013
Nevins Todd, MD

Class of 2012
Michael Donnenberg, MD

Class of 2011
Robert Shin, MD

Class of 2010
Gary Plotnick, MD

Class of 2009
Robert Shin, MD

Class of 2008
Fitzhugh Mullan, MD

Class of 2007
Yvette Rooks, MD
Mina Garrett, MD (resident)

Class of 2006
Robert Benitez, MD
Ahmet Kilic, MD

Class of 2005
William Henrich, MD
Shahrzad Tabibi, MD