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Grants/Contracts Management

Beth Guizzardi
Grants & Contracts Specialist
HSF III, room 4103
Phone: 410-706-4497
Fax: 410-706-4060
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Wendy Novak
Program Manager
HSF III, room 4104
Phone: 410-706-6283
Fax: 410-706-4060
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Project/Program Management

Shanda Polee
Program Management Specialist (Fellowship Program)
Phone: 443-682-6873
Fax: 410-856-3846

Ruth Cosentino
Program Manager (Program in Personalized & Genomic Medicine)
670 W. Baltimore Street, HSFIII
Phone: 410-706-1078
Fax: 410-706-6890

Ugur Erickson

Ugur Erickson
Program Specialist
HSFIII, room 4105
Phone: 410-706-7103
Fax: 410-706-4060

Administrative Support for Clinical Operations

Kelly Mountcastle

Kelly Mountcastle, MS
Business Operations Dir Clin
Phone: 410-706-4074
Fax: 410-706-4060

Faculty Assignments for Grants Management

Grants Management for faculty is divided amongst the administrative team. Each faculty has an assigned staff member (listed below). For any questions regarding a specific faculty member’s grants, please contact the person assigned to that faculty member.


Faculty Member

Staff Member

Alattar, May Beth Guizzardi
Beitelshees, Amber Wendy Novak
Chang, Yen-Pei (Christy) Beth Guizzardi
Damcott, Coleen Beth Guizzardi
Devine, Scott  
Fu, Mao Beth Guizzardi
Gong, Da-Wei Beth Guizzardi
Gwinn-Giglio, Michelle  
Lamos, Elizabeth Beth Guizzardi
Lewis, Joshua Beth Guizzardi
Malek, Rana Beth Guizzardi
Maloney, Kristin Beth Guizzardi
McArdle, Patrick F. Beth Guizzardi
Melhem, Lina Y. Beth Guizzardi
Mitchell, Braxton D. Wendy Novak
Montasser, May Wendy Novak
Munir, Kashif Beth Guizzardi
O’Connell, Jeffrey Wendy Novak
Pennant, Marjorie A. Beth Guizzardi
Perry, James Wendy Novak
Pollin, Toni I. Wendy Novak
Port, Ava Beth Guizzardi
Shuldiner, Alan R. Beth Guizzardi
Silver, Kristi D. Beth Guizzardi
Snitker, Soren Wendy Novak
Spanakis, Ilias Beth Guizzardi
Steinle, Nanette Beth Guizzardi
Streeten, Elizabeth Beth Guizzardi
Sun, Xiao-Jian Wendy Novak
Taylor, Simeon Wendy Novak
Xu, Huichun Wendy Novak
Yu, Liqing Wendy Novak
Zaghloul, Norann A Beth Guizzardi