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Disclaimer: The information in each of these presentations cannot be used beyond your personal review without written consent from the individual author.

2019 Symposium Presentations

The presentations below are password-protected, as they are only available to 2019 Symposium attendees. If you attended the 2019 Symposium and would like access to any of the presentations below, please send us an email requesting a password. Please include your name so we can verify registration.

Cardiac Defects in Autoimmune Diseases
Nicholas Pietris, MD

Cardiac Defects in Autoimmune Maternal Diseases: Case Presentations & Challenges
Katherine R. Goetzinger, MD, MSCI

Cardiac Defects in Diabetic Mothers: Case Presentation and Challenges in Management
Sarah Crimmins, DO and Shifa Turan, MD, RDMS

Cardiac Defects in Multiple Pregnancies: Case Presentation & Challenges
Ozhan M. Turan, MD, PhD, FACOG

Delivery Management of Severe Congenital Heart Defects
Ozhan M. Turan, MD, PhD, FACOG

Differential Diagnosis of Conotruncal Anomalies in the Fetus
Dario Paladini, MD

Endocranial Cysts Differential Diagnosis
Dario Paladini, MD

Feeding and Growth in Infants After Cardiac Surgery
Alicia H Chaves, MD and Leahandra Buck, RD, CSP

Fetal Arrhythmia
Sudhir Vashist, MD

Investigating the Utility of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing in Congenital Heart Defects
Elizabeth Cutting Coale MGC, CGC

Neurodevelopmental Delay and CHD What is the Link?
Dario Paladini, MD

RDMS - Obesity and Cardiac Evalaution
Shifa Turan, MD, RDMS

RDMS - Should We Turn the Cardiac Evaluation Pyramid Upside Down?
Shifa Turan, MD, RDMS

The Role of Genetic Evaluation in Fetuses with Congenital Heart Disease and Brain Anomalies
Patrick Semesky, MGC, CGC

Ventricular Disproportion Differential Diagnosis
Dario Paladini, MD