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Student Support

The Office of Student Affairs is designed to provide guidance and administrative services to medical students.  The office is responsible for all aspects of undergraduate medical education, including student registration, progress and advancement, and graduation.

The Office of Medical Education supports students and faculty in all aspects of the School of Medicine's educational process, including curricular oversight, facilitating and implementing curricular change, and providing computer, web and multimedia support.

The Office of Student Research provides high school, undergraduate and medical students with experiences in biomedical/behavioral research, and advice in choosing a mentor and research area. Trainees gain an understanding of the research environment and contact with role models.

The Graduate Program in Life Sciences offers cutting edge research training in the biomedical sciences, granting the PhD and MS for basic research. By emphasizing the translation from bench to bedside, we make discoveries that improve our world. 


Sexual Harassment, Violence & Nondiscrimination