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Admissions - Application

Admission is Competitive

Students claiming Maryland Resident Status MUST download the Application for In-State Status Classification available below.

Application Deadlines:

  • Fall Admission: June 10th
  • Spring Admission: October 10th

Application Contents:

  • Completed application for admission
  • Completed application for in-state classification
  • Official college transcript/s (original copies in envelope sealed by the College Registrar’s Office)
  • One type-written essay of career goals (in your own words)
  • Two professional letters of reference (ideally on letterhead) with required reference evaluation (rating) sheet in an envelope sealed by the writer of the reference.
    • Two letters from science instructors OR
    • One letter from a science instructor and one from an employer

All applications must be submitted in paper-printed form.

The non-refundable application fee of $63 must be submitted at the time of application. The DMRT accepts personal checks, bank checks and money orders only.