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MEDT 454 Applied Cellular & Molecular Biology

(Credits: 4)

This course builds upon the concepts of skills learned in Molecular Biology in MEDT 451. In the lecture portion of this course, the principles of molecular techniques and the application of these techniques in creating useful products and solving research and commercial problems is emphasized. In the laboratory portion, a series of experimental molecular biology techniques are linked together in a continuous project to give the student a sense of how a complete project might be carried out. During the course-long project, the student will master the following techniques: Nucleic acid amplification (PCR), cloning, Nucleic acid isolation, Restriction digestion, reagent preparation, experimental planning, vector selection, antibiotic selection and protein expression. In addition, students maintain a scientific notebook during this laboratory project; teaching then proper recording and documentation of experiments.

Prerequisite: MEDT 451

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