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Grateful Patients

Patient speaking with doctorMany grateful patients and families have been touched by the compassionate care they received by University of Maryland School of Medicine doctors and wish to express their appreciation in a meaningful way that can improve the health of others for years to come.

These gifts provide an opportunity for those who want to give something back, and at the same time allow us to advance research, provide quality medical education and impart leading edge patient care, from expert treatment of neurological diseases to state-of-the-art transplant, trauma, and cancer care.

Patient Stories

David Carroll

Grateful Patient, David Carroll, Pledges $1 Million to Support the Advanced Heart Failure Program

Retired from a career at UPS, he and his wife Candice were living the good life in a historic farmhouse in rural Dover, PA with their two German Shorthair Pointers, Hatteras and Ansel. Mr. Carroll had been receiving care for advanced dilated cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that causes the muscle in the heart’s ventricles to become weakened and unable to pump blood normally, which can lead to heart failure.  Learn More

Bob Pribble

A Grateful Patient
How Bob Pribble is Helping to Transform Medicine

A competitive skateboarder, Bob Pribble is used to living life on the edge. But kidney disease was a life threatening problem he could not fight alone. Bob Pribble came to the University of Maryland School of Medicine for a life saving transplant. Now he is giving back to the transplant program that saved his life. Learn more in this video report.

Pam and Tom Nowell

A Grateful Patient: Pam Nowell

For years, Pamela Nowell lived as if under a looming deadline. Diagnosed decades ago with diabetes and at age 21 with renal disease, Nowell was told by one of her doctors that she wouldn’t live past her early 30s. "I said ‘OK,’ and then I lived my life day to day and I made the most of it,” Nowell remembers. "I never let a moment slip by." Learn more

Video: Grateful Patients Talk About Why They Give