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Cores & Publications

Use of Cores and Your Publications

Personnel in core facilities provide essential services for their users and it is important to recognize their contributions to the scientific advancement of the projects. The type of recognition that is most appropriate will be different for every projects.


Under what conditions is co-authorship warranted?

  1. Author should make substantive contributions to the project
    1. Conception, design of project, critical input, or original ideas
    2. Acquisition of data, analysis and interpretation, beyond routine practices
    3. Draft the article or revise it critically for intellectual content
    4. Write a portion of the paper (not just materials and methods section)
    5. Intellectual contribution –
    6. Final authority for the approval of article
    7. Each author should have participated enough to accept responsibility for the content of the manuscript

When is an acknowledgment most appropriate?

  1. All contributors that do not meet the criteria of authorship should be recognized in the acknowledgments section, for example:
    1. Paid technical help
    2. Writing assistance
    3. Financial and material support
    4. Scientific advice

Here are two clarifying examples:

Example 1: Scientist A designs the experiments, and tells Technician B exactly how to do the experiments. If the experiments work and a new discovery is made and a manuscript results, Scientist A is the sole author and Technician B is recognized in the acknowledgments section.

Example 2: Scientist A designs the experiments, Technician B carries them out but they do not work. Technician B suggests some changes to the protocol, the experiments then work because of the changes and a discovery results. Scientist A and Technician B are now both authors.


Pleas acknowledge a core as follows:  “University of Maryland School of Medicine Center for Innovative Biomedical Resources [CORE FACILIITY NAME HERE] – Baltimore, Maryland.


Other places core should be acknowled include:

  • Scholarly reports
  • Presentations
  • Posters


The School of Medicine recognizes the important contributions our cores make to the research enterprise.  Please be sure to follow these guidelines as they are School of Medicine policy.

Note: this policy follows recommendations made by the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABFR).  These recommendations have been widely adopted by other top-tier research institutions.