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Why Shared Services?

Share scientific resources and services (AKA… The Cores) are of great benefit to every investigator and the institution as a whole.

Investigators are provided access to contemporary equipment, services and content area expertise without the cost of purchasing the equipment and/ or hiring staff.

The School in collaboration with its Centers, Departments and Programs can best support and grow the research infrastructure by placing a priority on maintaining a strong portfolio of core facilities as they help ensure:

  • Duplicate equipment is not purchased unnecessarily
  • Funds remain available to keep pace with rapid development of new technologies that our researchers need to be competitive

When recruiting a new faculty member, Centers, Departments and Programs are strongly encouraged to:

  • Arrange for the faculty candidate to meet with the Director of CIBR, Nick Ambulos, to learn about the resources available via CIBR and to take a tour of the facility
  • Provide for subsidize use of relevant core facilities as part of the new faculty member’s start-up package.

Additionally, when SOM faculty request assistance with the purchase of a new piece of equipment, Centers, Departments and Program leadership should consult with CIBR to ensure that the School doesn’t already have the technology or that other investigators are not also making the same request as that might lead to a possible cost-sharing opportunity between departments and/ or the potential development of a new shared resource (core).