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Scientific Leadership Program

NEW Scientific Leadership & Professional Development Program for Research Faculty, with Special Emphasis on Diversity, Retention and Collaborative skills

Program Overview

The institutional goal of this program is to enhance faculty leadership skills, with a special emphasis on diversity, retention and collaborative skills.

The primary purpose of this program, which is intended for research faculty at the Assistant or Associate Professor level, is to enhance faculty leadership skills. This program is designed to foster leadership among all eligible SOM faculty, and towards that goal, there is a special emphasis on diversity, retention and collaborative skills.

The Scientific Leadership Program is designed to increase participants’ understanding of the strategies needed for successful leadership in an academic medical center, with emphasis on leading research teams/programs. This program is being provided by the Research Career Development Program (RCDP), with input from an advisory committee of researcher leaders in the SOM. This new program will provide in-depth training in scientific leadership for SOM research faculty with an interest in pursuing leadership positions.

Program Structure

The structure of this program is as follows: Program participants will meet once a month, beginning in January 2018, on a day/time to be determined by eligible participants. The program will consist of monthly seminars, given by leaders in their fields, combined with discussion sessions. Each monthly session is planned for two hours.

Subjects covered in this program include:

  • Understanding the Finances of an Academic Medical Center
  • Reasons for Choosing a Leadership Role, including some of the Challenges facing Women and Minorities
  • Communications Skills
  • How to Progress from being the PI of an R01 to leading a P01 Research Project/Team
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Developing Your Support Network, including Developing Your Skills as a Mentor


This program is intended for SOM faculty at the Assistant or Associate Professor level who have demonstrated research independence, defined as having been awarded an R-level grant (preferably an R01) or equivalent. All qualified faculty are eligible to apply, and participation will be determined via a brief application process.

Application Process

We are no longer accepting applications at this time. Please contact Stacie Mendoza at: if you would like to be notified about future deadlines.

Advisory Board Members

Peter Crino, MD, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Neurology

Kevin Cullen MD, Director, Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMGCCC); Director, Program In Oncology; Professor, Department of Medicine

James Kaper, PhD, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs; James and Carolyn Frenkil Distinguished Dean’s Professor; Professor & Chair, Department of Microbiology & Immunology

Margaret McCarthy, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmacology

Toni Pollin, PhD, Associate Professor, Departments of Medicine and Epidemiology & Public Health

Mary-Claire Roghmann, MD, MS, Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health; Associate Dean for Physician Scientist Training and Trans-disciplinary Research Advancement

Wendy Sanders, MA, Associate Dean of Research Career Development

Rodney Taylor, MD, MSPH, FACS, Associate Professor, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery; Associate Chair of Research, Chief, Division of General Otolaryngology and Chief of Otolaryngology, VAMC at Baltimore

Please note that participation in this program will require approval by the participant’s Chairman or Center Director; however, there is no need to furnish this information at this time.

For More Information

To learn more about the Scientific Leadership Program, please contact:

Stacie Mendoza
Program Director