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K Club Program

Program Overview

The K Club Program is designed to help recipients of career development (K) awards attain their research goals. This program consists of a monthly seminar or interactive session focused on a subject relevant to the interests/research goals of recipients of K awards.

The purpose of the K Club is twofold: 1) to help support the transition of K recipients to independent funding (eg R-level award) and 2) to provide a forum for recipients of K awards to meet their colleagues in other departments.

The K Club was founded in 2014 by Associate Deans Wendy Sanders, Director of the Research Career Development Program and Dr. Mary-Claire Roghmann, MD, MPH, Director of the K30 educational program. The K Club includes approximately 50 junior faculty/senior fellows from the School of Medicine and meets for 1-hour a month.

Examples of topics covered, but not limited to:

  • Tips for transitioning from a K to R
  • Tips and Strategies to get the mentoring you need
  • Developing a research question for your R01
  • Knowing When to Say “Yes” and When (and How) to Say “No”
  • Time Management
  • Conflict resolution
  • How to give an elevator talk
  • K Club Participants Present: Specific Aims (discussion)
  • K Club Participants Present: Central Research Question/Hypothesis
  • How to participate

    If you are a recent recipient of a career development award and would like to participate in this program, please send an email to Wendy Sanders or Stacie Mendoza

    Associate Dean

    Wendy Sanders, MA
    Associate Dean For Research Career Development