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Managing Your Research Program Seminar Series

The purpose of this seminar series is to support faculty, fellows and senior postdocs who are either new to leading a research team or are interested in honing their leadership skills. This bi-monthly seminar series consists of five(5), 1-hour stand-alone sessions, each of which focuses on a subject/skill set that is important to successfully developing and managing a research program/team. Dates and subjects for the 2020-2021 sessions are outlined below.

Please note: faculty, fellows and postdocs are welcome to attend every session in the series or single sessions of interest.

2021-2022 Schedule

10/5 Staffing Your Lab
12/7 Establishing Collaborations and Creating Your Network
June TBD

2020-2021 Schedule

9/22 Succeeding in Research During the Pandemic
11/10 Increasing Your Scientific Visibility Through Social Media
1/26 Time Management; including When to Say ‘Yes’ and How and When to say ‘No’
3/9 Negotiation Skills
5/11 Leading a Diverse and Inclusive Lab

2019-2020 Schedule

9/10 Developing Your Leadership Skills
10/15  Communicating Effectively, including tips for holding small group meetings, conversations with your research group, communication styles 
11/12  Time Management; including When to Say “Yes” and How and When to Say “No” 
12/10  Financing Research: 1) Developing a Budget for Your Research Program and 2) Diversifying Your Sources of Funding 
1/14 Project Management  
2/11 Establishing Collaborations and Setting Up Your Network 
3/17 Staffing Issues: Making the Best Hiring Decisions, including Interviewing and Evaluating Applicants; Terminating Employees
4/14 Managing Conflict   
5/12  Increasing Your Scientific Visibility Through Social Media


To register for the sessions that are currently accepting registration, please register online.  

Registration for sessions not currently available on our registration site will be announced in our monthly newsletters.

For more information on this seminar series, please contact Stacie Mendoza, Program Director, at

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