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Donors and Families


The University of Maryland Brain and Tissue Bank gratefully accepts brain and other tissue donations from individuals with neurologic, development, movement and psychiatric disorders as well as from individuals with none of these underlying diseases to serve as unaffected controls.

Preregistration is not required but simplifies and speeds the process of tissue recovery when death occurs.

Request a registration packet to become a donor by completing the online form.


Or by calling 1-800-847-1539

**If death is imminent or has just occurred, please call 1-800-847-1539, even if not registered. A staff member can be reached 24 hours a day in cases of emergencies.

The Tissue Donation Process

  1. Once a registration has been submitted online or by telephone by the donor or the donor’s next-of-kin, the Brain and Tissue Bank will use guidelines established by the National Institutes of Health to determine if the donor is eligible to donate based on the mission of the Bank.
  2. The donor or the donor’s next-of-kin will receive forms - including a consent document - to review, sign and return. The completed forms can be returned by mail, by fax, or by email of a scanned copy (digital photographic images of the documents may be accepted if they are good quality).
  3. When death becomes imminent, or as soon as possible after being notified of the donor’s death. The next-of-kin or the next-of-kin's designated representative must call 1-800-847-1539 or 1-410-706-1755. Calls are taken 24 hours a day. It is also very important that medical and funeral personnel are aware of donor registration.
  4. The Brain and Tissue Bank staff will oversee all practical arrangements needed for the tissue recovery.

Important Considerations

  • Tissue and organ donation is accepted by most major religious organizations.
  • The University of Maryland Brain and Tissue Bank covers any expenses related to the recovery of tissue. There is no additional financial burden as a result of tissue donation.
  • A traditional funeral service may be planned as the procedure to recover tissue will not interfere with open casket viewing.
  • Anyone, regardless of age, is invited to donate.

Request a registration packet to become a donor by completing the online form.


Or by calling 1-800-847-1539