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Our Principles

  • The emotional and physical well-being of the families and individuals we interact with is our greatest priority.
  • Time is taken to inform every person involved of the purpose and process of tissue donation. All questions are answered to the best of our ability.
  • Written information is provided to potential donors for future reference.
  • All donor information is kept in strictest confidence.
  • We attempt to instill in all professional staff the importance of the great contribution which donors are making to society.
  • Since every effort is made to encourage professional staff to volunteer their time and effort on behalf of medical research, we acknowledge sincere gratitude to all individuals participating in tissue retrieval.
  • Representatives of the Bank will make every effort to inform qualified researchers of the availability of the tissue. In doing so, the goal and purpose of the precious gift of tissue can be fully realized.
  • Every effort will be made to assure the equitable distribution of tissue, with special emphasis on furthering research directed toward improved treatment or a cure for the disorder of the donor.
  • Tissue recovery occurs at the most stressful time for the family. As the recovery teams are under a time constraint to obtain the tissue in optimal condition for research, full appreciation has to be given to the fact that misunderstandings may arise. A great deal of forbearance has to be shown by all individuals involved.
  • We are dedicated to realizing fully the thoughts and hopes of the individuals and families who contribute these precious gifts for the benefit of all.