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Flaubert Tchantchou, PhD

Traumatic damage to the brain is a heterogenic disorder. Our ongoing research investigates the effects of stress and associated genetic dysfunctions on traumatic brain injury pathophysiology and functional outcomes. We use animal models of physiological stress, psychological stress and aeromedical evacuation-induced stress to elucidate detrimental effects of these conditions on pathological markers of traumatic brain injury. We evaluate biological markers associated with blood-brain barrier dysfunction, inflammation, neuronal cell death and synaptic connections and their consequences on behavioral functions including learning/memory, anxiety and motor performance.  In addition we are also evaluating targeted therapeutic approaches to attenuate biological alterations and functional deficits. Our ultimate goal is to perform successful translational research and take our findings from the laboratory bench to the patient’s bedside. We are partnering with a clinical team to study the interactive influence of genetic abnormalities and physiological stress on traumatic brain injury prognosis.