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NEW Accepted Student Timeline and Protocol

The University of Maryland School of Medicine is committed to having a transparent and professional admissions process. To this end we ask applicants to be forthcoming and transparent in both their needs and intentions throughout the admissions cycle. In addition, the UMSOM expects applicants to follow the Association of American Medical Colleges’ (AAMC) Application and Acceptance Protocols 

Accepted Student Protocol – Important Dates for 2020-2021

DatesUMSOM Admissions ProtocolDetailed Information
Oct 15 The first day acceptances are sent out. NO DEPOSIT
Acceptance letters are sent out via email.  Accepted students have three weeks to respond to the acceptance offer. 
Feb 19 - Apr 30 AMCAS "Plan to Enroll" option becomes available for accepted applicants in the AMCAS Choose Your Medical School Tool 
(highly recommended)
You may select one school to "Plan To Enroll" on AMCAS if you wish starting Feb. 19th. This is not required by UMSOM but highly recommended.  We understand that you might be holding other acceptances at this time.  All medical schools will ask that you withdraw from any school where you do NOT plan to enroll as soon as possible.  This is a professional courtesy that aids them in their planning. 
By Apr 15 Accepted applicants reduce acceptances to three schools 
(highly recommended)
UMSOM highly recommends, but does not require, accepted students to narrow their admittance offers to three medical schools, if applicable.  Committing early allows us to build a class and a community with whom you will begin to interact.
Apr 30 AMCAS "COMMIT TO ENROLL" opens on AMCAS This is the last date that a UMSOM accepted student may hold multiple acceptances.
By May 3 UMSOM requires (and AMCAS recommends) "PLAN TO ENROLL" on AMCAS
UMSOM requires you to choose one school to "PLAN TO ENROLL" on AMCAS and convey your decision to UMSOM via email ( You need to decline all other acceptances and withdraw your applications, but you may remain on waitlists at other schools.  If UMSOM receives notification from AMCAS that you "PLAN TO ENROLL" at another institution, UMSOM has the right to withdraw your seat from our Entering Class of 2020.  If you require additional time beyond May 1st to make your decision, you must contact Ms. Raushanah Kareem on May 1.
May 3 - Jun 15 "Commit to Enroll" on AMCAS
(highly recommended)
UMSOM highly recommends that accepted students who have made their decision select "COMMIT TO ENROLL" on AMCAS and withdraw all other applications. By selecting "COMMIT TO ENROLL", an accepted student has indicated that they have made their final selection and withdrawn from all waitlists.
By Jun 15 
UMSOM specific deadline
UMSOM requires accepted students to select one school to "COMMIT TO ENROLL" on AMCAS and convey their decision to UMSOM via email ( by June 15. Failure to do this on AMCAS and via email to UMSOM will result in UMSOM rescinding your offer of acceptance.
Aug 2 Start date for ALL accepted students
(ALL programs)
All students matriculate on this date.

Waitlist Offers

From May 3- May 31 you will have two weeks to respond to an acceptance offer from UMSOM. After June 1, you will have one week to respond to an acceptance offer from UMSOM. UMSOM will NOT offer seats to any of our waitlist candidates if they have begun a pre-matriculation program, attended orientation, or enrolled in classes at another medical school OR have selected “COMMIT TO ENROLL” at another medical school.

Throughout this entire process, students need to communicate directly with all schools regarding their decisions. These deadlines may differ for other schools. Please check each medical schools websites where you have been accepted for their protocols.

UMSOM follows the AAMC application and acceptance protocols for medical schools. All prospective MD, MD/PhD, and MD/Master’s students are encouraged to review the AAMC guidelines for applicants. We require that accepted students acknowledge they have read these UMSOM Accepted Student Protocol.

Withdraw Acceptance

If you would like to withdraw your acceptance please send an email to


Call UMSOM Office of Admissions at (410) 706-7478 and/or via email at