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Early Decision Program

The University of Maryland School of Medicine has an Early Decision Program for applicants who are sure that their first choice of medical schools is the University of Maryland. The Committee on Admissions interviews selected Early Decision applicants and makes a decision on these students before considering the regular pool of applicants. By applying for Early Decision, the highly qualified applicant avoids having to make numerous other applications. Applicants with less competitive academic credentials, or those without the support of their premedical advisor, are discouraged from applying through this program.

The Early Decision applicant must apply only to this school by the AMCAS deadline of August 1st. That means you must submit your application and all transcripts by August 1st. Applicants must provide all supplementary information (secondary application, updated MCAT scores, and letters of recommendation) by August 31st. Interviews will take place at the medical school in mid-September. No one will be accepted without an interview. If offered an acceptance by this school, the applicant cannot apply elsewhere. All decisions for this program are made by October 1st.

The Committee on Admissions can make one of three decisions for each Early Decision applicant: 1) acceptance; 2) rejection; or 3) placement into the regular applicant pool for review at a later date. Each applicant will be notified promptly of the decision of the Committee on Admissions so that those not accepted through this program can apply elsewhere.

Individuals who apply through the Early Decision Program cannot apply to any other medical school until they are notified that they have not been accepted through this program at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Office of Admissions
Health Sciences Facility I
685 W. Baltimore Street, Suite 190
Baltimore, MD 21201