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Application Process

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Students putting award pins on each otherAll applications to the University of Maryland School of Medicine must be initiated through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Please contact AMCAS on line at The AMCAS application is the first of a two stage process and must be on file with AMCAS by the November 1st deadline. Applications are accepted from citizens and permanent residents of the United States and citizens of Canada only. All AMCAS applicants are invited to submit a University of Maryland School of Medicine secondary application after the AMCAS application is received.

The deadline for the receipt of the secondary application is December 1st. In situations where the secondary application is sent to an applicant after the December 1st deadline, the applicant will have two weeks to return the application to the School of Medicine. The secondary application fee of $80.00 is non-refundable.

It is STRONGLY recommended that the application forms, letters of recommendation and all other supporting credentials be filed as early as is possible in the application period. An extension of the November 1st deadline is unusual and will be granted only under the most extenuating of circumstances.

The University of Maryland School of Medicine does have an Early Decision Program. Applications must be on file with AMCAS by the August 1st deadline. All Early Decision applicants will be notified of a decision on their application by October 1st. For more information go to Early Decision Program.

For all other candidates the application process is conducted on a rolling basis. All decisions regarding the selection process are made by a committee of current faculty and students. Each applicant’s credentials are evaluated by the Committee on Admissions to determine if an interview is to be granted. All interviews are conducted at the School of Medicine and are scheduled in advance by invitation only. Interviews are conducted each week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, from October 1st through March 31st. Applications may be rejected from both residents and nonresidents without an interview.

Those applicants invited to interview will receive, in writing, one of three decisions from the Committee on Admissions: Accept, Reject or Wait List. Applicants who are offered an acceptance will have three weeks to respond to that offer. An individual wishing to hold a seat in the next incoming freshman class must return a non-binding contract to the Office of Admissions. A deposit to hold a seat in the class is not required. Individuals who have been placed on the Wait List will be reviewed again after the completion of all interviews and will be notified of their ranking on that list. This usually occurs in late April. Applicants on the Wait List are invited to send updates to the Office of Admissions, at any time during this process, regarding additional activities or accomplishments. Students may write to the Office of Admissions at any time during the application process if there are significant concerns or questions regarding the status of their application. Those students who have been rejected will be urged to consult with their pre-medical advisor.

A deferment of matriculation for one year may be granted to accepted applicants who present such a request in writing to the Committee on Admissions by June 15th. An individual making such a request must present to the Committee on Admissions a plan of activity for the coming year that is both focused and productive in nature. An individual who is granted a deferment, must re-apply through the Delayed/Deferred Program at AMCAS, and can apply only to the University of Maryland, to secure their seat for the following year. All policies and procedures for Early Decision will apply. Applicants who are accepted from the Wait List are not eligible for deferment.

The medical school application process can be a stressful time for all concerned. We respectfully request that applicants keep phone calls, letters or e-mail communication to the Office of Admissions to a minimum. Each applicant must assume responsibility for assuring that all required materials and the completed application packet are filed and received by the Committee on Admissions. If an applicant has a question or concern about the status of their application they are more than welcome to contact the office to clarify their status. The Office of Admissions will make every effort to assist an individual with the completion of their application, within reason.

The applicant is expected to respond truthfully and completely to all questions on the AMCAS and School of Medicine application forms. An applicant who provides false or misleading information during the application process will be denied admission or, if enrolled before discovery of irregularity in the application process, may be dismissed from school.