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2020 MSRD Faculty Mentor Recognition Awards

Celebrating Faculty Mentors For Their Impact

Transformational Impact

Amal Isaiah, MD

Dr. Amal Isaiah

Nomination excerpt:

"I have felt a vital part of a research team and this experience has undoubtedly made me even more excited to become a physician scientist. Dr. Isaiah’s patience, high expectations, and supportiveness are unmatched." 

Poonam Mathur

Dr. Poonam Mathur

Nomination excerpt:

"Dr. Mathur understands exactly what it means to be a phenomenal mentor. She is patient, selfless, and considerate. She understands the value in investing in America’s future physicians and I truly owe so many of my accomplishments to her."

Michael Mazzeffi

Dr. Michael Mazzeffi

Nomination excerpt:

"Dr. Mazzeffi really embodies the down-to-earth and collaborative nature of anesthesiologists, which is something I truly value in a specialty."


Dr. Pranshu Mohindra

Nomination excerpt:

"From day one Dr. Mohindra made it known that he thought my input was valuable and essential to the work and that he felt he could learn as much from me as I could from him—a level of humility I was not entirely expecting from someone so accomplished. Radiation oncology is a somewhat esoteric field and can be an intimidating one to explore but Dr. Mohindra’s encouragement made it approachable, digestible and helped to grow my confidence and interest in the field."

Dr. Shana Ntiri

Dr. Shana Ntiri

Nomination excerpt:

"Dr. Shana Ntiri has made an enormous impact on my journey toward becoming a physician. As a student aspiring to become a Family Medicine physician who can be instrumental in combating health disparities, Dr. Ntiri has provided me with an immense amount of support and guidance as both a mentor and role model." 

Productivity Impact

Raymond Cross

Dr. Raymond Cross

Nomination excerpt:

"Dr. Cross motivated me to take on projects that I never would have thought to pursue and helped me see research as more than just something to check off, but as an opportunity to explore my passions within the context of medicine."

Anthony Harris, MD, MPH

Dr. Anthony Harris

Nomination excerpt:

"I am grateful for Dr. Harris’ commitment to mentorship and focus on teaching throughout my research experience. I am proud of what I was able to accomplish with this project, but more importantly, I was able to build lasting skills that will prove invaluable in my future career in clinical research."

Rena Malik, MD

Dr. Rena Malik

Nomination excerpt:

"In addition to all of these metrics of productivity, Dr. Malik is an excellent mentor. She is always willing to listen and offer guidance. Dr. Malik has been one of the greatest positive influences on me since beginning medical school at the University of Maryland."