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Alan Faden, MD

Alan Faden, MD
Director, STAR ORC

Peter Rock

Peter Rock, MD, MBA
Chair, Department of Anesthesiology

Thomas M. Scalea, MD, FACS, MCCM

Thomas Scalea, MD
Director, Program in Trauma


Wei Chao, MD, PhD
Associate Director, STAR ORC

Dr. Rosemary Kozar

Rosemary Kozar, MD
Associate Director, STAR ORC

Administrative Staff

Brandon Goldschmitt
Director of Center Operations

Kristie Nichols
Human Resources Program Manager

Mark Scarboro
Sr. Director of Research Operations and Compliance

Kelly Sikorski
Sr. Program Specialist

Dawn Smith Goldberg
Program Management Specialist

Support Staff

Sophie Li
Grants & Contracts Specialist

Reetu Neupane
Senior Accountant

Vanessa Rook
Grants & Contracts Specialist

David Trantin
Grants & Contracts Specialist

Kalpana Vijay
Grants & Contracts Specialist


Neeraj Badjatia, MD, MS 
Interests: Targeted temperature management, shivering, nutrition and metabolism, inflammation

Konstantin Birukov, MD, PhD 
Interests: Pathologic mechanisms of development and resolution of vascular endothelial dysfunction and lung injury, including ARDS, shock/trauma, sepsis and others

Brandon Bruns, MD
Interests: Emergency General Surgery, Trauma, Open Abdomen Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury

Laura Buchanan, MD
Interests: Surgery

Wei Chao, MD, PhD
Interests: Innate immune signaling and its role in sepsis and ischemic myocardial injury, trauma, and myocardial ischemic injury.

Jose Diaz, MD
Interests: Complex abdominal wall reconstruction, Emergency General Surgery, Acute Care Surgery - Population Analysis

Alan Faden, MD
Interests: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Neuroinflammation, Central Nervous System Injury, Neuroprotection, Cell Death and Recovery, Spinal Cord Injury, Chronic Pain

Gary Fiskum, PhD
Interests: Adult and pediatric traumatic and ischemic brain injury; Mitochondrial bioenergetics; Cerebral energy metabolism; Oxidative stress; Apoptosis; Neuroprotection

Samuel Galvagno, DO, PhD
Interests: Aeromedical Critical Care, Patient Monitoring, Resuscitation, Safety & Quality Improvement in the Intensive Care Unit, Medical Education

Michael Grant, MD, PhD
Interests: Plastic, Reconstructive and Maxillofacial Surgery, Ophthalmology

Thomas Grissom, MD
Interests: Airway management, Critical care air transport, Trauma anesthesiology, Simulation-based education

Daniel Jennings Haase, MD
Interests: Critical care, bedside ultrasound, echocardiography, resuscitation, penetrating brain injury

Sharon Henry, MD
Interests: Wound Healing and Metabolism

Daniel Herr, MD
Interests: Critical Care, Cardiac Critical Care, Neuro Critical Care, Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), ICU Management, Post- Operative Heart Surgery Patients, Sepsis

Bingren Hu, PhD
Interests:  Molecular mechanisms and treatments of brain ischemia, traumatic brain injury, and hemorrhagic shock

Peter Hu, PhD
Interests: Utilizing real-time patient field and admission vital signs data to predict life-saving interventions such as emergency blood transfusion, intubation, and emergency surgery; Developing real-time advanced machine learning algorithms to predict trauma patient outcomes

Aldo Iacono, MD
Interests: Pulmonary, Lung Transplant, Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation, ECMO, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cystic Fibrosis, lung disease, aerosol cyclosporine

Manjari Joshi, MBBS
Interests: targeted temperature management, shivering, nutrition and metabolism, inflammation

Tim Kerns, PhD
Interests: Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network (CIREN)

Rosemary Kozar, MD
Interests: hemorrhagic shock, syndecan-1, endothelial dysfunction, injured elderly, liver trauma

Tibor Kristian, PhD
Interests: Acute brain injury and chronic neurodegenerative disorders. Our studies are centered on processes leading to mitochondrial dysfunction and mechanisms of NAD+ catabolism-related pathophysiology.

Margaret Lauerman, MD
Interests: Surgical Critical Care, Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network (CIREN)

Seung Lee, MD
Interests: CRPS, Using application technology for medical practice

Marta Lipinski, PhD
Interests: Autophagy, Neurodegeneration, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinson's Disease

David Loane, PhD
Interests: Traumatic Brain Injury, Neuroinflammation, Microglia, Neuroprotection, Neurorepair, Chronic Neurodegeneration

Michael Mazzeffi, MD
Interests: ECMO Transfusion Coagulation Cardiac surgery outcomes, Transfusion associated lung injury Epidemiology

Jay Menaker, MD
Interests: Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Acute Spinal Cord Injury

Nicholas Morris, MD
Interests: Multimodality Monitoring, Large/Administrative Data, Simulation

Jonathan Morrison, PhD
Interests: Vascular and Trauma Surgery

Sarah Murthi, MD
Interests: Virtual reality applications for medicine and medical training, Surgical Critical Care