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Clinical Curriculum: Year 4

Year 4 of the curriculum consists of 28 weeks of instruction – 4 weeks of Introduction to Clinical Medicine IV, two 4-week subinternships, and four 4-week electives.

Office of Student Affairs deans assist third year students in selecting their fourth year schedules to help toward programming a balanced, useful fourth year curriculum that fulfills the student's needs and also provides a thorough and varied medical education experience. The Office of Medical Education employs systems to ensure schedule requests are equitably awarded.

Introduction to Clinical Medicine IV

Students must complete one month of Introduction to Clinical Medicine IV. This is typically registered as a rotation at an AHEC site in Maryland – Western Maryland, Eastern Shore, Southern Maryland, or Baltimore city. The primary mission of the AHEC is to improve health in underserved areas. The centers are interdisciplinary in nature and work with medical students, nursing students, pharmacy students, and other medical professional students.

For further information contact Leah Millstein, M.D.


A subinternship is defined as a clinical experience in which the student is involved in direct patient care at an intern level, with appropriate and adequate supervision, and must demonstrate independent thinking and clinical decision making. Eight weeks (two 4-week rotations) are spent completing subinternships with students functioning at the intern level.

These rotations are offered within the University of Maryland Medical System and in approved affiliated hospitals.

Students may register for a subinternship once they have progressed to at least the fourth quarter of the third year and after they have met all prerequisites. Catalog


Students should select electives in a variety of specialties to add both breadth and depth to their curriculum.  If participating in research electives, only one research elective in 4th year will count toward graduation credit. Completion of the 2 month extensive research elective (RSCH 540) will count for 2 months of graduation credit. Also, up to 3 months of electives may be completed outside the UMB system. Additional off-campus courses in the 4th year may be granted on request by the Clinical Years Committee. Up to four months of elective credit may be accrued through Year 1/Year 2 electives. All students must complete at least once clinical elective in their 4th year. Students may register for an off campus elective once all prerequisites have been completed and they have progressed to at least the fourth quarter of the third year. Additional prerequisites may apply. Catalog

International Electives

Many students are interested in participating in international electives for credit and for their own professional development in clinical and research environments. We support those experiences subject to review and approval by the School of Medicine. The quality of the educational experience and the safety of the site will factor significantly into the decision. Travel to countries with Department of State level 4 travel advisories will not be permitted.  Level 3 subject to review by Bonnie Bissonette, Global Education Office, SMC Campus Center (410) 706-6331. Students should check for disease epidemics in their area of planned travel prior to final departure and should cancel or rearrange their plans if such a situation exists.

Along with an International Elective Request Form, students requesting permission for international studies must review the UMB International Travel Risk Policy, review and sign the Student Travel Release. To finalize the process, sign and return the letter Sample MMCIP Coverage Letter that you will receive, via email and return it to the OSA. All required materials must be returned to OSA at least four weeks prior to your departure.

Please visit the following pages for the required forms and more information on international electives:

Last Updated: 12/23/2019