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Academic Counseling

Students come to Medical School with an array of experiences and varying levels of exposure to different studying strategies. Academic counseling is available to all students as they embark on their Medical School experience.

First Year: the adjustment to Medical School typical includes significant changes to studying practices. The volume of material and expectations for recalling details are typically unlike any previous experiences. Academic counseling provides students with the opportunity to discuss their individual adjustment, best practices, and problem-solve any issues that arise.

Second Year: the volume of material and expectations on the ability to recall complex and detailed information continues to increase. Academic counseling is available to support students as they work through ongoing challenges with time management and study strategies.

Third Year: the demands on time management become more complicated as students prepare for Shelf Exams during each clerkship. Work schedules and on-call responsibilities increase the complexity of when and how studying can take place. Academic counseling is available to support students as they navigate the new challenges.

Fourth Year: individual timeframes for taking the Step 2 CK and Step 2 CS exams are determined. Support is available as students develop individual studying schedules and evaluate previous exams and study strategies.

Strengths Quest

The Strengths Quest program is available to incoming students. With the completion of the assessment, students are provided with detailed feedback on individual talents and ideas on areas of growth. This information can facilitate self-reflection and provide some insight on how to use their own strengths to their advantage.

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