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Highway Safety Research

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Research to improve motorcycle safety is a priority for the National Study Center. The NSC is funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Dynamic Science, Inc., to perform a randomized controlled intervention trial to increase licensure rates of Maryland motorcycle owners. For this project, educational materials to encourage licensure were developed and mailed following collaborative meetings with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), and motorcycle safety and rider groups.

Follow-up of licensure rates in the intervention and control groups will be compared. Currently, the NSC is involved in a NHTSA-awarded project to characterize the population of motorcycle operators using CODES data and to distinguish factors unique to those who have experienced motorcycle crashes.

Analysis is also underway to investigate the impact of motorcycle safety classes offered by the MVA. Additionally, NSC staff members are participating in the Maryland Motorcycle Safety Committee, which was awarded an Honorable Mention for Best Practices at the annual meeting of the Association for Traffic Safety Information Professionals.