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About Our Work


Using injury epidemiology to influence excellence and innovation in programs and policies‌

  • The NSC conducts research in two primary areas: injury epidemiology and outcomes.
  • Research at the Center focuses on the prevention and treatment of motor vehicle-related injuries across the lifespan. 


Applying scientific methods to the study of injury

  • Motor vehicle injury research such as the CODES and CIREN projects provide complementary data on crash-related injuries: CODES provides a surveillance overview of the magnitude of injuries in the population for Maryland.  CIREN, while providing more detail on the circumstances of individual crashes and injuries, is for a much smaller sampling of cases.  Together, the two data sources provide a wealth of information beneficial in addressing research questions.
  • Implementing and evaluating best practice outreach initiatives is being done with awards both from the state and federal levels.  The Maryland Highway Safety Office (MHSO) has provided funding to support the Maryland Center for Traffic Safety and Analysis.


Training worldwide leaders of tomorrow, today

  • Degree and Certificate Programs: graduate level injury prevention courses offered on campus and online; including injury epidemiology, anesthesiology, physiology, emergency preparedness and disaster response, and the clinical care of trauma patients.
  • Faculty/Student Mentorships and Fellowships: afforded through data collection, analysis, and translation/dissemination
  • Community Outreach: disseminating research findings for practical application directly with community partners.
  • Monthly interdisciplinary seminar series to promote collaboration between different fields at the University of Maryland Baltimore.    

Future Priorities

Practical application

Translating research into practice: One of the greatest challenges we face as a field is achieving widespread dissemination of injury control strategies that we know work. The Center is committed to the translation of research into practice, and we will continue to forge new partnerships and collaborations to ensure that this translation occurs.

List of Current Collaborators

Current Research Projects