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Training Plan

Students normally enter the program as medical students and complete the two years of pre-clinical training in the medical school and are encouraged to take MPH courses during the summer between their first two years. Students who have been accepted into the MD/MPH Program and are matriculating in August may elect to take courses in the pre-matriculation summer upon special request.

Students can elect one of two concentration areas of the MPH after their second year (or delay it until after they have completed their junior year rotations).

Regardless of which 'concentration' they choose, students can complete their MD/MPH within five years. The general sequence of training is depicted in the schematic below. The diagram depicts the training activities in all years of the program and illustrates the basic core curricula (blue = Medicine, green = MPH), as well as the enhanced training experiences particular to the MD/MPH Program (in red letters).

Diagram of training exercizes

After completing their MPH course work, students re-enter medical school to complete their clinical training. The MSIII year consists of a 48-week rotation through the traditional medical specialties. The MSIV year consists of two required four-week sub-internships (that prepare students for residency) and eight weeks of Ambulatory Care training. The remaining time in the curriculum (20 weeks) is elective time, during which MD/MPH students will complete their requirements and finish with a six-week mandatory capstone course.

More detailed information on the medical school curriculum can be found in the online catalog for the University of Maryland School of Medicine.


  • Students must maintain a 'B' in medical school courses to remain in the MD/MPH Program and gain admission to the MPH year. Failure to do so will result in either probation or removal from the MPH Program.
  • Students who withdraw from medical school will NEITHER be allowed to remain in the MPH program NOR will they be automatically readmitted to the MD/MPH Program.