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SOM Password Management

Welcome to the SOM Password Management Application

If you know your password, it has not expired, and you would like to reset the password before it expires, follow option 1.   If you don’t remember your password or it has already expired, follow option 2.  

1.) If you know your password and it is not expired, click the link below:

Password is Known

2.) If your password is expired and/or you do not know your SOM password, click the link below:

Password is Unknown or Expired

What if I forget my password or it expires?

You can now reset your SOM password 24/7!  You no longer need to wait to call the help desk during business hours.  Simply register your SOM account in the password management application.  If you forget your password, or miss the password expiration notice, you can easily reset your password using the password management application.  Follow the instructions below to get started.  

  • Go to the SOM Password Management Site
  • Click "Register for Password Reset" and follow the prompts.
  • It is recommended that you register at least 2 methods for password recovery