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Windows 10 Upgrades


SOM Policy requires that all computers receive security updates on a regular basis.


Microsoft releases new versions of Windows 10 in March and September every year.  Microsoft requires Windows 10 to be current.  These upgrades add new features including new security features and increase the stability of Windows 10.  The upgrade is called Feature Update for Windows 10.


The SOM Office of Information Services (SOM IS) uses System Center Configuration Manger (SCCM) to ensure domain machines automatically get this feature update.  SOM IS will use SCCM to make the feature update available 3 months after the Microsoft official release date.  The update will automatically install 6 months after the release date.  A machine user will have an option to install it manually 3 months before the deadline.


When running the feature update, make sure to save all work.  Win 10 machines will get notifications every 4 hours.  To start the installation, click that notification.  It can also be started from Software Center.  Software Center can be found at Start (Windows Button) >Microsoft System Center>Software Center.  Before starting it, it may take 1 to 4 hours to complete.  The machine may be down for 90 minutes or less.  Also, the machine may reboot several times.


If the installation fails and the machine works, please submit an incident ticket or email to:

If the installation fails and the machine does not come back up, please call the helpdesk to schedule time for a loaner and/or have a technician to work on affected machine.

If the installation is successful and the machine is slow, please email and schedule time for a technician to remote in (if possible) or a technician visit.


If there is an interest to test the newest version of Windows 10, please contact the SOM IS Helpdesk at .  SOM IS will need information like important applications and department information to approve the request.