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Android Troubleshooting:

Missing Certificate Error (Android Only):


This error signifies that your device is missing a required certificate to enroll into Intune or sign into the Outlook app. Follow these instructions to remediate:


  1. **From the device** navigate back to this page and click this link to download the certificate: RSACertIntune
  2. Find the certificate that you just downloaded and open it. You'll be prompted to name the certificate. You can name it SOMIntune. Please ensure that credential use is set to "used for VPN and apps" and click OK. The new cert will be installed on the device.

      3. Open the company portal app/Outlook and sign in. Everything should now go through properly.


1.) Ensure the device is compliant. Click "Check Settings" within the company portal app. Try accessing company data again after ensuring device is compliant.

2.) If utilizing native email on iOS, try downloading Outlook for iOS. Ensure email correctly syncs. If so, the issue is device related.

3.) un-enroll and re-enroll the device into the Intune Company Portal application. If unable to access UMSOM resources after re-enrolling, please contact your help desk for further assistance