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I'm having difficulties setting up email on my device

Please follow the setup guides within the UMSOM website. We have videos that will walk you through the process step by step

I need to modify or view a shared calendar or access a shared mailbox

At this time, shared calendars and mailboxes aren't supported within the Outlook for iOS/Android app. You can modify shared calendars and access shared mailboxes through OWA. Go to to access OWA through a mobile device.

What devices are supported?

UMSOM supports all Apple devices running iOS 10+ as well as Android 6.0+ devices (as of January 2018). UMSOM can only support mobile OS releases within the past two major versions.

Can I use multiple MDM providers like Intune and MaaS360 together?

No. To circumvent this issue, UMSOM is using Mobile Application Management policy to protect data. If you require your device to be managed by a 3rd party (UMMS for example) and would still like to have UMSOM email on your mobile device, please follow the MAM setup guide.

Missing Certificate Error - Android Only

Please refer to the Android troubleshooting page below. Additional certificate needs to be installed on your Android device