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iOS Setup Guide

iOS Requirements:

  • "Microsoft Authenticator" app must be installed before setting up Outlook. User will be prompted to do so during configuration.
  • Please note, the "Microsoft Authenticator" application is only used to manage policy on your device.
  • Managed applications will lock every 12 hours requiring a PIN/Fingerprint to unlock. If you desire to not use a PIN/TouchID when opening managed apps, please enroll your device with Intune.

 Setup Instructions (Outlook):

1. Open the Apple app store. Search and download Outlook for iOS.

2. Download "Microsoft Authenticator" app

3. Open Outlook and enter your UMSOM email address. Click "Add Account". Enter password at the next screen. Authenticate with Duo MFA if prompted.

4. Register device. This will download UMSOM application policies to the mobile device. Click OK when prompted to restart the application.


5. Create an application PIN. If your device uses Touch or FaceID this will override the PIN requirement within 30 minutes.

6. Setup is complete. Email should start downloading shortly after confirming the PIN. If you desire to make any setting changes, that can be done by clicking this icon: