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Office 365 for Mac

Office installation:

Office and Skype for Business downloads can be found here:

Note: Skype for Business must be installed separately on Mac computers.



OneDrive Sync Client:

The OneDrive sync client must be installed via the Mac app store. After download, use your SOM credentials to sync your OneDrive files.


Linking OneDrive to Office Apps:

Using OneDrive with your Office apps is easy! This will also allow you to access your Office documents anytime, anywhere, on any device!

When saving a document, pick "Online Locations"

Click "Add a Place", then "OneDrive for Business"


Enter your UMSOM credentials (if prompted), and choose a folder to save your documents. Your document will not be available at all times via OneDrive.


Mac Troubleshooting:

If you have issues registering your Office installation please delete the following Keychain entries: ADFS, Exchange, Microsoft Office, Microsoft. Activation errors are commonly caused because an old password is stored in Keychain and sends the wrong password to Office 365.

Outlook Troubleshooting:

If messages aren't properly displaying/downloading, you can clear Outlook's cache. Please ensure all messages have been saved in OWA prior to doing this.



Office Installation/Activation Troubleshooting:

If clearing keychain doesn't resolve an activation issue, perform the following:

  1. Sign out from Office application & run this troubleshooter:
  2. Please refer to issue 4 in this article (Ensure the latest version of office is downloaded from O365 portal and all updates have been run on the Mac):
  3. Create a new user account: If your account activates under the new profile then it’s a user profile issue and it needs to be rebuilt.