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Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office is available, free of charge on up to 5 computers (including your work computer), for all SOM Staff, Faculty, and Students.  Microsoft Office 2016 is available for Windows computers/PC's and Apple Macintosh (MAC) machines.  There is even Microsoft Office Mobile Apps available for many mobile device platforms, including Apple iOS and Androids.  For the best experience with using Microsoft Office, the SOM Office of Information Services highly recommends that your Windows computer/PC has Microsoft Office 2016 as the only Office suite application installed.  Not sure what version of Microsoft Office your machine is running ?  Click here to learn how to find out what version of Microsoft Office on your machine 

What is the best way to have Office 2016 installed on my work Windows PC or Apple MAC ?

Please contact the SOM Office of Information Services HelpDesk at to request Office 2016 on your machine.  In many cases, the SOM HelpDesk can remotely push the install of Office 2016 to your machine.

Can I install Office on my personal Windows PC or Apple MAC ?

Yes! The School of Medicine's Office 365 subscription allows users to install the latest Office software on 5 computers (including your work computer). Follow these instructions to install Office on your home computer. The SOM IT Staff will handle updating Office on your SOM workstation. Please do not install/update Microsoft Office on your SOM work machine unless you're directed to by the SOM Help Desk.  Please contact the SOM Office of Information Services at or your local IT Department representatives for help or questions.

Download Office here:

Need help? Read about it or watch the following video: Installing Office

See the links below for helpful information about Microsoft Office:

If the above video do not play correctly, please view the video using the following link:

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